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November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

You did it. You helped me win re-election and helped make Loudoun County political history. It is a victory that will stand as a beacon to conservatives, Republicans, conservative Democrats, independents and concerned citizens everywhere in Loudoun and the region. Thank you.

I won 53%- 47%. On election night, the vote late at night was announced at Delgaudio 2,183 to West, 1, 959. Much later, early Wendesday morning, I won the absentee votes 113 to 103 also. THANK YOU to my wife Sheila, my family, all my supporters, donors, volunteers, and staff.

To those who voted against me for any reason, I promise to work harder to get your vote next time. I congratulate my opponent for working hard to defeat me. That's the American way. I know some people will never vote for me. That's their right.

Against the odds, tiny Sterling spoke and voted to stop the illegal alien hordes, the density packers and the elitists in Middleburg and the dark towers of the Washington, D.C. Post newspaper building. Against the odds you voted against liberals of all stripes and colors who want to spend and pass boondoggles while whistling a bizarre tune while we wait in traffic.

These liberals would rather keep a finished interchange from opening then allow us the faster travel time that we have paid for and finished constructing. They would deny us bus rapid transit in 3 months without a tax hike so that we get fixed rail at ten times the cost in 20 years with a multi-billion dollar tax hike.

These density packing liberals would build 30 story high rises just like Balston, Roslyn and Reston Town Centers in Eastern Loudoun--- and they push weekly in the board of supervisors for this---rather than help us preserve Sterling or deliver services at the same level all of Loudoun receives.

These liberals call you and me every name in the book when we stand up for our rights as American citizens.

The liberals would reverse the Delgaudio overcrowding ordinance and build an illegal alien job center if they came to power in Sterling.

They would allow and approve the bulldozing of our entire culture if we let them.

But you and a majority of Sterling did not let them. You stood with me. Sterling united and we handed them their biggest defeat. Middleburg's Supervisor Scott York ran as Chairman and he lost Sterling. Sterling District witnessed the 2nd highest turnout in this election also.

The liberals targeted the Sterling Supervisor race as their number one target and millions of dollars was poured into this small community. But through your vote and support we prevailed.

I do not take for granted your support. I appreciate your help. You made a sacrifice and followed through. I promise you that I will not forget for a moment my pledge to represent you and continue with my principles and positions as before.

You can count on me to push reforms to end illegal aliens coming to Loudoun, to reduce the flophouses and overcrowding, to expose the density packers, to vote against increased taxes and boondoggles, to report to you regularly and to raise the quality of life for Sterling.

You can count on me to raise funds to replace the old bleechers at Bill Allen Field for the Boys Football League, to help parents raise money for youth sports, to get the trees planted once and for all on Sterling Blvd. and take on traffic improvements on Route 7 with a passion and to get that Police Substation built as soon as possible.

I am just one person. But you and I together reversed a tidal wave of hatred and angry opposition that seeks to destroy everything in its path in order to keep the rich Western Loudoun Liberal Lifestyle afloat as they drown us in density and government spending for them, but not for you.

I will treasure your devotion, your loyalty and your critical support which made the difference in this hour of challenge for Sterling.

I said many times, Sterling can go in two directions. One direction is to reverse the progress we have made due to the county's neglect and the invasion of foreign illegal aliens. Or we can go in the direction of reducing illegal aliens, tighter and pro-active enforcement of overcrowding ordinances and ending plans to density pack Sterling and to reduce spending.

That is the direction we now must head. Together we have accomplished what no other anti-Density packing Republican could acomplish, a majority vote against the big spending liberals who outspent us 10 to 1. Like David versus Goliath, you handed me the small stone to take out the giant.

And that giant liberal Goliath came crashing down. Let us remember always what we can accomplish together. I will never forget what you have done for Sterling, for me and for America. Thank you again.

A very special Thanksgiving to you again. And Thanks be to God and may every blessing be yours.

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