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While We Are In Church!

November 4, 2007

Sunday morning while we are in church!

Broad day light and they brazenly steal signs.

The West for Supervisor volunteers are taking some of our signs and their allies are removing signs this morning. I put up ten signs for Rust, Allman, Phillips, Firetti and myself and they are all gone.

Other reports range all over the district of people removing Delgaudio signs. If you see someone taking your sign from your private yard, they will drop the signs if someone sees them. They seem to think they are invisible.

Please call the police non-emergency number with a description of the person and car or truck as you see it. We are building a case for grand larceny, theft and trespass as this has exceeded the threshold for a minor crime.

The police non-emergency number is 703-777-0445. That's 703-777-0445.

And if you see something (its possible) email me the make mode and description of the persons doing this as well. In cases of positive identification by several people, we will alert the general public. Thank you.

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