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Stand By Me, So I can Stand By You

October 31, 2007

I hope you have gotten my bright orange printed letters amd the ones will yellow ink too. Tomorrow the printed CELEBRITY endorsement letter will be mailed and you should get it by Friday. It is a special color that will stand out.


Every day we all get some new e-mail scheme involving a Nigerian bank. The scam involves the proposal that you have won some money through the internet, etc. Well someone promoting that scheme has been caught in Sterling.

A Sterling man, Harmeet Singh Hundal, 18, is involved in an internet based work from home scam and was taken into custody Monday by Loudoun Sheriff's Investigators.

Last week members of the Loudoun Sheriff's Financial Crimes Unit were contacted by the City of Waukesha Police Department in Wisconsin in reference to a possible Nigerian scam.

***Deputies Seek Owners Of Stolen Sterling Property***

The arrest of two men and one teenager led to the recovery of a number of stolen items and now the Loudoun Country Sheriff's Office is are asking people who have had items stolen in the past few weeks to come forward.

Sheriff's office investigators believe all of the items were stolen from the Sterling Park area.

Residents from the Sterling Park area who have been the victim of a larceny in recent weeks should contact Investigator C. Staub in the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 703-777-047.
>>>>I am asking for your vote.

You have stood by me and I am your Sterling Supervisor because of that support. Thank you. You voted in the past to elect me for 2 terms from 1999 to the present. Or you are supporting me now for the first time. Thank you.

Your vote on Tuesday, November 6 will decide if I get another 4 year term. I am asking for your vote.

If you vote for me, I promise to stand for you, your values and against the selfish forces that want to take your money in the form of handouts to rich Middleburg landowners, government boondoggles, rip-offs and out of control subsidies to illegal aliens.

Liberal elements in the major news media make daily claims of distortions while you and I work together. Sometimes I appear on the TV News shows to explain my proposals.


You have my pledge to work to reduce illegal aliens and that is happening right now in spite of these liberal elements claiming otherwise.

These liberal allies of my opponent claim we, the many citizens, are nasty, mean, bigotted, and can't get our goals accomplished.

Yet, Sterling is the most important place with the most dedicated civic-minded families in America.

We have the largest volunteer operation in Loudoun history that runs the number one Fire Department in the state and a number one in the nation rated volunteer Rescue Squad. We have a dozen churches feeding thousands of poor people.

Sterling has a team of parents that BUILT a $250,000 Discovery Park last summer, another team that constructed new lights for Bill Allen Field to benefit a thousand boys and girls in the football league and plans new bleachers this winter. There are a dozen other youth sports programs with over a thousand children in them.

A thousand students are on the honor rolls and thousands more are attending colleges and universities.

Liberals claim Sterling must be ignored. Abandoned. That county laws should be ignored here.

I will raise up the standard and work to ensure that the standards of law, regulations, health and safety that are enforced and upheld in Leesburg are the same standards held up here in Sterling.

Before you vote, please let me tell you some things I have done for Sterling. This is a short list.

At my request this county government got most of the foreclosed houses to mow their lawns, passed legislation to increase fines for overcrowding, started working on a blight ordinance, eliminated the illegal alien job center,
joined a regional coalition to fight illegal aliens and is pushing the sheriff to deport illegal aliens in his new jail.

I'm lowering spending, tackling illegal immigration and opposing plans to virtually bulldoze Sterling and turn it into Tyson's Corner. I have been the County's loudest voice against out-of-control spending and higher taxes.

Earlier this year I supported and conservative Supervisor Mick Staton proposed options to reduce spending down to 89 cents which would result in a tax decrease for the average homeowner in Loudoun.

Liberal Chairman Scott York voted to raise the tax rate over my objections.

Two supervisors, liberal chairman Scott York and liberal Supervisor Jim Burton voted to raise taxes to 97.5 cents (from 89 cents), and 6 voted no. Supervisor Jim Burton, one of the 2 supervisors voting for the tax increase was trying to figure out how to raise the rate tom morrow and obtain five of nine votes to do it.

Jim Burton looked at me and said "YOU'RE NOT A PLAYER" in that effort to get five votes to raise the tax rate.

I laughed and said "Yes, you are right, I am not a player in raising the tax rate".

I am sure you are glad that I am not a player to increase the tax rate upward from 89 cents to 97.5 cents too.

I pledge not to raise taxes. I have kept that pledge for 2 terms.

I annually publish a specific list of boondoggles that the county should not fund. Last year I targeted $3.5 million in lunches for children of rich people (it was cut), $3 million in subsidies to NEW CARD BUYERS (I lost that vote but I will be back) and $4.5 million in tax subsidies for the mega rich Howard Hughes Institute (I lost that vote too).


I raised over a million dollars in private money by raising it personally for Discovery Park, Bill Allen Football Field improvements to benefit 500 boys and girls, 400 new trees for Sterling Blvd., and gift cards for 1,000 students on the honor rolls of Sterling Middle School and Park View High School. I will raise money for a skate park too.

Together with school board member Warren Guerin, I won support for $84 million for renovations at all our schools and added a new school. When the sheriff could not find a site for a substation, I asked the school board for the new site. You vote on the bond for that substation Nov. 6.

I have led these many fights with your support. And there are many battles that I have fought in your name that made progress for Sterling.

Anti-family zealots attacked traditional marriage last year and I led 70 per cent of the voters of Sterling Park to pass the critical marriage amendment to the Virginia constitution. These same anti-family zealots roam Sterling helping my opponent.

As early as 1998, I led the Meatball Rebellion and led 70 per cent of Sterling residents to vote down the proposed meals tax, proposed by then Chairman Scott York, to impose a heafty tax on take out meals which would have cost familys.

Liberals in Leesburg, led by liberal Scott York, proposed a curfew for Christmas lights in Sterling and together we fought and we stopped the "dark sky" ordinances. Santa Claus himself joined our fight.

Supervisor Delgaudio walked Santa Claus out of the Leesburg Government Building after his historic visit to warn the Board of Supervisors to leave the lights on for Christmas and to also leave all of Loudoun's Lights alone.

When 12 baby Ducklings were rescued out of a sewer grate, I notified the media. When some criminals shot up Sterling, I distributed 10,000 notices of a financial reward and when the assessments skyrocketed I alerted everybody how to appeal the "over" assessment.

To fight the illegal alien job center on our shared border with Herndon, I led the fight and then endorsed an entire slate of honest and brave candidates in the Herndon Town elections and the pro-illegal town council was defeated. A new Mayor and council now salutes Sterling. It made national news.

I asked for a got the Loudoun board of Supervisors to meet and push the Zoning Administrator to successfully sue Herndon to stop the illegal alien job center. I openly and consistently called for the closing of the day labor site even after liberal Scott York announced he wanted an illegal alien center IN LOUDOUN.

Now that same illegal alien job center is CLOSED. And there are no ill effects in spite of dire and bleak scare tactics published daily in every newspaper. Delgaudio for Supervisor signs are posted there now.

You can help me fight for you and protect Sterling tomorrow by standing with me today.

I authored the Delgaudio Ordinance that limits the number of people in a home. It's not perfect because it's only as tough as allowed by Virginia law.

This Delgaudio Overcrowding Ordinance breaks the back of slumlords who seek to convert a residential zoned family oriented Sterling Park into a heavy industrial flophouse.

The western Loudoun powerbrokers love illegal immigration, but they don't want it near their homes. By defeating me and overturning the Delgaudio Ordinance, they can continue to make Sterling the county's bedroom community for illegal aliens.

You can help me fight for you and protect Sterling tomorrow by standing with me today.

I made sure two new interchanges (route 606/Route 28, and Church Road/Route 28) opened on time and that Route 7 improvements were funded.

Delegate Richard Black, Member of the House of Delegates Committee on Transportation and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) member Hobie Mitchel shovel the first dirt at the groundbreaking of the Church Road and Route 28 intersection which will cut travel time to just minutes.

I confronted Governor Tim Kaine over a third new interchange, after learning that he ordered the closing of a finished Sterling Boulevard/Route 28 interchange for six months. I demanded the board support me and they did 9 to 0 and the interchange was opened in one week, not six months as announced.

I confronted a developer when the board of supervisors voted over my objections for money for fireworks. The developer returned the entire $15,000 in tax dollars back to the treasury and paid for his own fireworks.

I was the guy pushing 287(g) in Loudoun County. 287 (g) is where illegal aliens convicted of a crime get deported. Illegal aliens who commit a crime are not welcome in our community.

For the last eight years I have spoken out against liberal schemers' plans to density pack Sterling. Under the plan promoted by my opponent today, Sterling's single-family homes would be replaced by sardine-can style high-rise condos.

You can help me fight for you and protect Sterling by standing with me today.

There is a lot more to report to you. For example, I have worked through the internet with emails, cell phones and door to door to keep up with many important projects, emergencies and concerns. I have protected the identities of citizens who want action and do not want their names revealed in certain circumstances. And I have acted on petitions signed by many of you.

You are the boss. You decide which way Sterling goes.

There are those who loudly proclaim that my methods are wrong. That my leadership is in the wrong direction.

If you cheered me for these or any other actions, the choice is clear. You have been right and we shall continue.

If I win re-election Tuesday, November 6, I will continue to fight for you by keeping Sterling united and raising our quality of life.

But you must stand with me for that to happen. You must vote for me Tuesday, November 6. Thank you.

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