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Sterlingfest Saturday

October 5, 2007


Thank you to the many houses with orange Delgaudio signs on their front yards. Thank you to those of you writing checks and sending them into me. The Democratic Machine is taking some of our signs but they are quickly replaced. If you see any of our signs being stolen please report the theft and get some new signs up right away.

Strangly, some in the media continue to attack the many proposals being passed or considered by the board as both unnecessary and hurtful and a complete waste of time and get this "not much". Their pages are filled listing the new policies, legislation and new ordinances. Their own reports seem to contradict them about the direction this county is going in. Loudoun county supervisors are now involved in foreign and national policy concerning illegal aliens.

And of course, citizens continue to enthusiastically support increased penalties for overcrowding, the deporting of alien criminals in our jails, and ending $50,000 in taxpayer payments to La Voz, the illegal alien lobby.

You want more leadership like this? Re-elect me and you will get it.

See action report on Immigration for more.


Time: Saturday, October 6 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

After unfortunate, inclement weather issues that hindered the success of the last two years (2005 & 2006), SterlingFest 2007 is back this year.

This is the 20th anniversary of SterlingFest. The event, which first began in 1987, is held each year in the Fall and draws 5,000-8,000+ visitors, usually from Sterling Park community's families and businesses, as well as surrounding areas including, Herndon, Ashburn, Cascades, Sugarland Run and CountrySide.

The festival is located on Enterprise Street and Commerce Street in the heart of Sterling Park. The Friends of Delgaudio table will be at number 78 and will have pens, lapel stickers, fans, kit kat candy bars, yard signs and friendly volunteers.

I need you to wear an orange Delgaudio sticker. I need you to help me place a lapel sticker on supporters. I need you to hand out our literature. Or just stand with us and greet voters.

Friday October 12, 2007

Please come and bring at least 20 dollars Friday, October 12 at the next Delgaudio fundraising event at SANTINI's New York Style Deli from 6 to 8 p.m. Thank you. Make your biggest donation ever. The Washington Post will be outraged. The liberal League of Women Liberals will huff and puff and steam up. Thank you again.

The liberals in the news media are pouring on the attacks. This represents millions of dollars in unreported assistance to my opponent. And the Washington, DC Post is driving activists from all over the region to oppose me. I can not match the millions being spent against me. I just need to get my winning message out. I only need $50,000 more to fund my budget to win. I have planned victory with your help 2 times before. This is the 3rd time and we can beat the Middleburg financed Scott York-dominated media machine.

What: Delgaudio Take Back Virginia Party with pizza, soda and salad

Who: You and 100 others

Where: Santini's Deli, Clocktower, Route 7 next to Burlington Coat Factory

When: Friday, October 12, 6 to 8 p.m.


Register by Tuesday to vote. Virginians must register by Tuesday, Oct. 9, to vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Residents who have not moved since voting in the last election remain registered. But new residents, and those who have moved since the last election in which they voted, must register to be able to vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 election.

Register at the Office of the Registrar, which has moved to 801 Sycolin Rd. SE, Suite 102, in Leesburg. For more information, call 703-777-0380.

>>>>Board imposes water restrictions in Loudoun

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Tuesday declared a water shortage emergency and instituted mandatory water restrictions for customers of the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority (LCSA) in eastern Loudoun County. Enforcement begins Tuesday, October 9.

>>>Energy tax holiday this weekend

Virginia's new Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday begins Friday, Oct. 5, and continues through Monday, Oct. 8. It's a time for consumers to buy certain energy-saving appliances, CFL light bulbs and programmable thermostats, and avoid paying the retail sales tax.

The Virginia Department of Taxation has posted Energy Star Sales Tax Holiday Guidelines, Frequently asked questions and a list of the exempt items on its Web site at

>>>>Bookkeeper Burglar Burton's Pleas in Federal Court

The suspect allegedly entered several medical offices in the 46000 block of Benedict Drive in Sterling, Virginia. Now he has pled guilty. The suspect, Darrell Antonio Burton, 42, of Laurel, MD, pled guilty on August 30, 2007 to Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud. Burton allegedly stole blank checks from numerous businesses in Sterling and the Northern Virginia area and Pennsylvania.

>>>Joint Operation Cracking Down on Gangs Nets 13 Arrests

An operation conducted in August targeting Criminal Street gangs' in Loudoun County netted 13 arrests. Members of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Loudoun Sheriff's Gang Intelligence Unit worked together to locate subjects who are suspected of being actively involved in firearms and narcotics trafficking, money laundering and violent criminal activities.

The charges ranged from weapons and narcotics violations to federal criminal fugitive warrants. Four of those charged in the operation were held by federal authorities based on their immigration status. All are from Sterling area.

>>>>Democrat Mike George to Favor Day Labor Site & Offers Little Promise for ICE Enforcement

Democratic candidate for Sheriff, Mike George, has announced his open support for tax-payer funded day labor centers for illegal aliens in Loudoun County while at the same time has criticized the neighboring Fairfax County town of Herndon decision to shut down its day labor center two weeks ago. So now two liberal Sheriff candidates Steve Simpson and Mike George, are running against Republican Greg Ahleman. For more information go to

>>>>IMMIGRATION: ACTION REPORT What did the board do ?

Under #3 Committee of the Whole Report/Illegal Immigration at the Tuesday meeting:
This is the "action document" for the board of supervisor session that lists the proposals we voted on.

Item 3a. Culperer County Coalition, Loudoun joined the coalition to fight illegal immigration. 9-0

and Item 3b. County Contracts- Certification in contracts were both passed on consent 9-0. This means the staff will now prepare clauses in all contract bids and enforce the provisions that "companies must employ people who are present in the US legally or in good standing" (sic).

Item 3c. County Contracts- Legality of Verification passed 9-0

Item 3d. Proffers, Land Use and Special Exceptions passed 9-0. This item directed Staff to research the legaility of asking that builders include in their proffer statements that they do not hire illegal workers

Item 3e. Housing Overcrowding- Intent to Amend the Zoning Ordinance 9-0. This will increase penalties for overcrowding.

Item 3f Housing Overcrowding- Other Issue - Hot Spots 9-0 vote. This will make pro-active enforcement in Sterling and the staff will prepare a budget estimate of additional costs.

Item 3g Regional Organizations- This issue was broken down into two questions. The first part of the vote dealt with adding verbage into organizations applications that would ask if they follow local, state, and federal laws. This passed 9-0.

Mr. Burton made a big speech attacking the proposal and said we were all cruel.Then he voted for it.

The second part of the question: Does your organization help Illegal Residence and if so please explain,
was asked by Mrs. Waters to go to the Next Immigration COW. This motion passed 8-1 with Mrs. Kurtz voting no.


This Saturday morning, October 6, I will be at Sterlingfest.

But if you wish to work for my campaign and not go to Sterlingfest, here is another opportunity:

Meet Delgaudio for Supervisor, Pat Phillips, and Tom Rust volunteers at Safeway at 9 a.m. at the Southern end of Sterling park on Sterling Blvd.

What: Volunteers Meet for Lit Drop
Where: 9 a.m. Safeway

Who: Friends of Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio
When: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007

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