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July 29, 2007

A federal judge has just agreed with radical pro-illegal alien activists and struck down the Hazelton, Pa. law prohibiting unscrupulous landlords from sheltering illegal aliens. Now they want to take their fight to Sterling.

Our CURRENT law is different and is based on a very strong building code standard that has been around many years.

Nevertheless, I have just been sent a tip that a local pro-illegal alien organization, has been in contact with the ACLU and the left-wing group Legal Aid in a plan to sue Loudoun County and abolish our Delgaudio Ordinance against overcrowded homes.

Even worse, they hope their lawsuit will "set a precedent" and repeal other sensible zoning laws across the country. The plan is to throw open our communities to an invasion of illegal aliens and turn neighborhoods across the country into dangerous, crowded slums.

Help me stop their plan to make our neighborhoods a crime-infested "sanctuary community" for illegal aliens.

I worked hard to pass the Delgaudio Overcrowding Ordinance. It has the widespread support of people from all walks of life, including many legal immigrants who are sick of law-breakers making Sterling look bad. Despite the many restrictions and loopholes forced on us by Virginia's "Dillon Rule," it is beginning to work.

In fact, one inspection of an overcrowded Loudoun home uncovered 13 people living in one small, trash-strewn house -- with 20 beds. Four of them were illegal aliens, who were then deported.

No wonder groups like La Voz and others now threaten war against CURRENT law enforcement, hoping to sue away the Delgaudio Ordinance and repeal laws across the country aimed at stopping invasions of illegal aliens who turn safe neighborhoods into filthy, crowded slums.

With no proof they make wild charges just to stop our current effort to end run-a-way subsidies to illegal aliens.

I need your immediate help to fight back.

Contact the Board at and at 703-777-0204. Tell me and the other 8 supervisors to support the Delgaudio Overcrowding Ordinance and oppose radical pro-illegal alien efforts to repeal it.

More importantly, please rush your most generous donation to "Friends of Eugene Delgaudio" at P.O. Box 1222 in Sterling , VA 20167 . Pro-illegal alien activists are already invading Sterling , never mentioning their actual agenda and spreading lies in an effort to defeat me. If they succeed, they can run a pro-illegal alien steamroller of welfare handouts and sanctuary laws through the Board.

They are already holding strategy meetings, and now trolling for lawyers. Don't let pro-illegal alien activists sue away sensible laws, and even take away our seat on the Board. Please respond today.

Thank you.

Please date your check right away. for $1000, $500 or $250 today. Or send $150, $100 or $50 before July 31. That is the deadline for this month of July. As long as you send your check by Tuesday midnight, you will make the July cut-off for reporting. This will show I have your support. Thank you again.

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