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August 24, 2007

I am sorry i did not write earlier. I have had computer problems.

Remember in your prayers the students that died at Virginia Tech last year and the 22 students who suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. Most are better now, but one student, from Ashburn, is still in critical condition.


God has called one of Sterling and Loudoun's most influential figures in its history: John Geddie. He passed away this past Wednesday at Fairfax Hospital.

John Geddie frequently wrote about Sterling Park and its many blessings. He loved Sterling and was devoted to serving the people of Sterling through his newspaper jobs first as Loudoun Easterner editor and then recently as Loudoun Independent editor.

I am going to say things about John Geddie. I will welcome your prayers for John and comments in reply. Thank you.

Over these many years he wrote a column each week on page three about fruit cakes, nuclear Santas, the phantom goat, Texas habits, a young man of his acquantaince (his son) and the copy boy, Alex. He also wrote the editorials and made sure letters to the editor were published and voices were heard. The newspaper was filled with news, events and happenings of all kinds. Over the years he wrote over one thousand columns and editorials. Geddie was relentless, a prolific and witty writer with endless energy.

Together with Beth Miller, who passed away in 2004, they set the standard for fairness in news coverage, committment to charities and community service and editorial balance that is a model for other newspapers today throughout the United States. Loudoun changed but also grew up with the Geddie writings. Loudoun is on the map of the world but kept its home town flavor due to the efforts of the Miller-Geddie business partnership.

And most importantly, John Geddie was a fighter. He was a bulwark for Eastern Loudoun in its infancy. He protected all of Loudoun by standing for a vision that included Eastern Loudoun and all its people at the table on equal terms.

John Geddie loved Sterling, he loved its people and he devoted his life to making sure Sterling got fair treatment. He did it because it was right and he spread that love and devotion around like sharing a hot bowl of fired up chili. His editorials and comments were always sharp, too.

Long time residents of Sterling will be stunned and at a real loss. Thousands of people will mourn the passing of a true giant of a man. Anyone who read the column knew John Geddie. There is no doubt. In passing, John Geddie leaves us a legacy and hope. His original columns and writings are treasures and time capsules of the values and simple but vibrant style of life in Sterling, America. How things were, are and will be.

>>>>>Funeral arrangements are as follows:

Viewing will be at Colonial Funeral Home in Leesburg next Tuesday August 28, 2007 from 6:00pm till 8:00pm. The service will be at the Funeral Home on Wednesday August 29, 2007 at 11:00am.

The family, his wife Shannon, and son, Johnnie, have requested in lieu of flowers contributions be made to the Salvation Army.

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