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More Geddie Tributes

August 28, 2007

Many subscribers have written in to me. Thank you all. Here are two more VIP internet comments on a man who wrote millions of words about Loudoun and devoted thousands of hours.

>>> Salute to John Geddie From D.P. Myers, former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors

John Geddie for most was the "out of the box" and Editor, he always told the truth and refused to let people get by with anything less than the truth. He cared deeply about his friends and would do anything to help a child. He and Beth were the ones that always made sure that children had toys and clothes at Christmas time with their different toy drives, many times their drives included places even outside the State of Virginia where they would rent trucks to take the supplies to the needed areas.

He loved his son Johnnie and was proud of his accomplishment of finishing law school, he always had a special place for his other young friend who most knew simply as "The Copy Boy".

Simply put John Geddie was a quiet person who did more behind the scenes than in front to make Loudoun a better place, he truly will be one of the unspoken heroes in my book.

Hon. Dale Polen Myers

>>> Former Sterling Supervisor Andrew Bird (Before Delgaudio, York and Zurn, there was Bird)

John Geddie was THE voice of Sterling and Eastern Loudoun. A journalist with wit and insight, he was what little, and, maybe, none of the news media are today; objective and factual. At the same time he had an editorial ability, built on common sense and a keen understanding of the community of Loudoun as a whole. His presence will be sorely missed in our community, but we should never lose the ability to look at ourselves and our community critically and realistically that he demonstrated so ably to all of us.

Hon. Andrew R. Bird, III

>>>>>Funeral arrangements are as follows:

Viewing was earlier tonight at Colonial Funeral Home in Leesburg with Senator Mark Herring, former Senator Charlie Waddell, former Supervisor, and Rev., Charlie Grant, former Sup. Andrew Bird, Supervisors Tulloch, Delgaudio and and Clem and hundreds of others present.

The service will be at the Funeral Home on Wednesday August 29, 2007 at 11:00am with burial at the Sterling Cemetary on Church Road afterwards.

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