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August 31, 2007

I know I have written frequently this week. I hope to see you tonight to talk about the things I have written about this week. Thank you again for responding so quickly as always. I appreciate it and Sterling appreciates it.

>>>Lights Up Tuesday At Bill Allen Field

Brian Boswell from Beckstrom Electric says he has scheduled a crane to put the lights up on Tuesday, September 4th.
That date does depend on the weather--if we get a lot of rain before Tuesday, Beckstrom Electric will have to reschedule. I checked the weather forecast for Sept. 4th and it's sunny and 84 degrees. So, unless something drastically changes, we should be good to go for September 4th. I have to be in a board of supervisors meeting, but you all (Sterling Americans, and reporters) can go watch the lights go up.

>>> YOU ARE INVITED Friday 6-8 p.m. TONIGHT August 31, 2007

Tonight is your turn to respond to the Sterling America-haters.

Please attend the Delgaudio END OF SUMMER party on Friday August 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. AT SANTINI'S NEW YORK STYLE DELI and there will be plenty of pizza, salad and soda. Thank you.

We can reflect on recent current events in Loudoun, the long hot and dry summer, renovations at Rolling Ridge Elementary school, crime or the planned deputy substation.

Or if you can not make it, please send a generous donation. Don't leave me undefended. Today is the deadline for the July-August reporting period and we need to beat the competition.

Send your check today to "Friends of Delgaudio" at P.O. Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167. Thank you.

This can be your victory. This can be your win. And Sterling is better for it. America is better for it. Today please send your most generous donation to make my END OF SUMMER PARTY a success. Don't let my opponent win without a fight.

Certainly do not let the lies and fraud spread by blatant Sterling America-haters go unanswered.


Tomorrow morning I am working all day to meet citizens as usual. Meet me at Santini's Saturday, September 1 at 10 AM for some bagels and coffee if you can. I will have literature to hand out and you can help me visit homes. Thank you if you can do that. I will return to Santini's for lunch also if you want to meet me then. Give me 2 hours of help if you can. Thanks.

>>>Patricia Phillips calls Press Conference to Discuss the 'Abusive' Driver's Fees

Last week, deputies asked Patricia Phillips to leave the Leesburg courthouse steps, Patricia Phillips, her supporters and media moved the press conference, to the sidewalk right off courthouse property. "We will be heard no matter where we hold the press conference", Phillips began "we will be heard in Leesburg, we will be heard in Fairfax and we will be heard in Richmond." Phillips has continued to ask Mark Herring and Governor Tim Kaine for a special session of the General Assembly to immediately repeal the laws.

It is typical of the lack of sensitivity on the part of liberal officials. You would think liberals would allow dissent in public places. I guess talking to reporters for repeal of tax abuse is forbidden on public property. The photo of the deputy and Patricia Phillips should be a symbol for freedom loving and fair-minded citizens everywhere.

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