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A new beginning

July 17, 2007

After a lot of debate by the board of supervisors, they voted 9 to 0 to support my resolution to end taxpayer services to illegal aliens who come to Loudoun County.

I started out with just you and me. Now we have the whole county together.

The County Administrator has been asked to report to our first meeting in September with a full report on what Loudoun County can do to eliminate taxpayer funds going to illegal aliens.

This is just a beginning. Just a start.

With the overcrowding ordinance back in 2004, I worked a long time on that and for years on enforcement. Back to Richmond and back to the Board. I worked to oppose the Illegal Alien Job Center last year. And introduced resolution after resolution pushing the Sheriff to work with ICE to send illegal aliens criminals back to their home countries.

Citizens were informed TODAY: the Sheriff has signed an agreement with ICE to implement a program to dispatch illegal alien criminals. Loudoun is now part of the federal program. Its about time.

The Board voted 9 -0 in a separate motion to respond to another request by me to impose a condition on Herndon in the operation of their Illegal Alien Job Center. That condition is to making sure services only to go legal immigrants. I hope and the board is hopeful that we will get together with the town to respectfully impose this condition. (We impose "conditions" with other applications routinely.)

So to recap, Sterling voters got a new policy to end the unlimited subsidy of illegal aliens, it got a message sent to the Town of Herndon to serve only legal immigrants and the Sheriff signed a document under 287g to send alien criminals home.

This is part of a statement I made to various members of the news media assembled in the plaza from early morning and camped out all day in Leesburg until the final vote just hours ago:


QUOTE "Illegal immigration is taking a greater and greater toll on this community, notably Sterling Park. While lax federal and state enforcement allows the problem to develop, local government is also at fault when it rewards law-breakers with access to free taxpayer-funded services.

Giving away free services to people whose very presence is a felony is unfair to people who obey the law. More and more of their own money goes to support lawbreakers and subsidized increasing problems of overcrowding, litter and gang crime. It's an insult to native-born taxpayers and taxpayers who took the time and effort to come here legally.

We must be responsible, both fiscally and legally. That is why we are introducing this item to begin the process of legally terminating taxpayer-funded services to illegal aliens. Despite what some radical activists may say, no one is entitled to break the law so they can live at other people's expense.

I urge all law-abiding Loudoun citizens to contact the Board to show your support for this fiscally and legally responsible measure. " UNQUOTE

The address is

This is your victory. This is your win. And Sterling is better for it. America is better for it.

More later.

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