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Free Mulch

July 7, 2007

>>>FREE MULCH FOR STERLING AMERICANS at the Loudoun County Landfill

Actually, you paid for it already through your county taxes. So go and get the mulch you paid for.There is a mountain of mulch at the Loudoun County landfill and it's free for the taking.

In June, more than two million pounds of wood mulch was produced at the landfill through a double-grind process. Branches, trees, stumps and other vegetative waste accepted at the landfill are processed to create mulch. Lumber, furniture, and other constructed-wood products are not used to produce the mulch.

The mulch is available year-round at the landfill. You have to load it yourself, so bring a shovel or pitchfork to load your truck.

The Loudoun County Solid Waste Management Facility Landfill is located at 20939 Evergreen Mills Road (Route 621), about 4 miles south of Leesburg. Hours of operation are Monday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The telephone number is 703-771-5500. Information about the landfill is also available online at .

>>>Home Loans Available for First-Time Homebuyers in Sterling

The Virginia Housing Authority (VHDA) has announced Fiscal Year 08 funding allocations under its SPARC program (Sponsoring Partnerships and Revitalizing Communities), a below-market-rate loan program administered by the Loudoun County Department of Family Services. The funds will be available until fully utilized or through June 30, 2008. Applicants must be first-time homebuyers and meet VHDA's standard eligibility requirements. Sales price and income limits apply. Anyone who needs more information concerning allocations may contact Chris Vogel, Department of Family Services, at 703-771-5916 or e-mail .

>>>Concerned Business Leader Asked For This Safety Measure

Supervisor Delgaudio responded to a business leader and his request for a crosswalk and pedestrian crossing warning signs on Whitfield Place in vicinity of Cascades Library is being followed up on by county and state staff. The design has been completed and a work order generated to begin construction. Funds for the installation won't be available until the 2nd week of July, 2007.

>>> Traffic Circle at Church and Lincoln?

Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Funds have been approved for Sterling district. Improvements at East Church Road and Lincoln Avenue have been planned. Preliminary engineering was authorized on March 14. Location survey, traffic counts and traffic projections have been requested. The Central Office Roundabout Committee will be consulted to determine if a roundabout of 80Ft. diameter or less can safely accommodate the traffic. Anything larger would take homes and would not be recommended to move forward in the public process. This review is still in progress.


Did you get my blue envelope with the Star Wars stamp on it? I hope you did. For you young people, that was a movie that has had six parts since 1977. Us oldtimers have been going to see it for ages.

Send back your response to my Star Wars mailing right away. May the force be with you!

Here is the line up of stamps you might have had on your envelope: I placed Yoda, or Obi Wan Kenobi, or Princess Leia, or Luke Skywalker or the Jedi Master, one of several space ships or even Darth Vader on the right hand side of the blue envelope.

Star Wars celebrities once crowded into a Delgaudio campaign kick off. Luke Skywalker himself strode in and discussed the fight for freedom with everyone. We cheered him. Thank you Luke Skywalker for joining my 2003 campaign. Then there were the dark forces out to stop my re-election. Here are photos of two villains at Glory Days Grill.

>>>Dark Forces Oppose Delgaudio, Armed with Phasers

Star War's Yoda will get his own stamp later this Fall right before the general election when we need him the most. I am honored that the entire Star Wars team is here to help me, again, in my re-election and I will need them as we fight the forces of political darkness that threaten us yet again.

Here's where you can see the stamp collection online if you did NOT get an envelope.

Here's where you listen to the Star Wars theme music online

>>> YOU ARE INVITED Friday July 13

My liberal Democratic Opponent raised $10,000 to my $7,000 in the last 30 days. This is very bad news. If you and I do not reverse this terrible situation, my opponent could continue to outraise our campaign.

The next Delgaudio party will be held Friday July 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. and along with pizza, salad and soda there will be a ton of ice cream.

It will be at Santini's New York Style Restaurant under the Clock Tower opposite Chick Fila on Route 7 in Sterling. YOU ARE INVITED. If you are a Republican nominated candidate, please be my guest. You are already supporting me with your endorsement. Thank you. If you gave me money previously, please come and give me money for my re-election again. Thank you.


Thousands of Sterling citizens have signed up with the campaign. They recieved mailings, phone calls, literature, yard signs, lapel stickers, hats, and brochures. Now we have to keep campaigning. So we need more money for this campaign to continue.

I need your maximum donation to keep campaign operations running. Democrats and mean-spirited liberals steal signs right in front of our eyes in broad daylight. They scream and shout obscenities at our volunteers. Nevertheless, we push for political victory and most people wear our Orange lapel stickers when we have them.

>>> Regarding Your Check for $10,000

Your check for $10,000 is needed. Or if you can, your check for $7.500 is needed. Your donation of $5,000 is critical. Your gift of $2,500 will make a difference. $1,500 will boost me big time. Your $1,000 remittance will put you in the company of 37 top backers who put me where I am today. Most of my donors send me $500, $250, $101, $100, $75, $50, or $25, and they number 657 citizens so far.

Yes, companies, corporations, personal and even gift certificates are welcome. Donations of any cash value OVER $100 will be reported to the Board of elections. For those of you who do donated OVER $100 I need to ask the following information:

Business or corporate donors: type of business or principle place of business. For individual: your name, address, city, state, place of employment, occupation, and place of employment. Thank you.

Make your check, money order or other negotiable financial instrument to "Friends of Delgaudio" and bring it Friday, July 13th, 2007 to Santini's New York Style Deli.

>>Donate by Credit Card To Friends of Delgaudio
The campaign has entered the electronic era and needs your credit card donation to keep it there.

Print this online form out and mail a check today.

Friends of Eugene Delgaudio
For Sterling Supervisor
P.O. Box 1222
Sterling, Va. 20167


Over 350 showings of my 3 minute speech from the Loudoun County GOP convention on Youtube.

Or visit the homepage to see this video or the other FUNNY 3 minute video that includes MOST of the candidates in one quick production.

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