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June 7, 2007

I know some of you are getting a lot of U.S. mail and everyone on this email list is getting a lot of email this week.

You are part of a very large family, the Sterling American family. THOUSANDS are on this distribution list. And we have only begun. To see the hundreds of newsletters published over the years, visit

I started this crusade in 1998. Many of you were there at the beginning. Many more have joined since then. And many more join each day.


I'm lowering spending, tackling illegal immigration and opposing plans to virtually bulldoze Sterling and turn it into Tyson's Corner.

I have been the County's loudest voice against out-of-control spending and higher taxes.

I led the fight against Herndon's illegal alien job center. Not only does it reward felons, it's dumping more and more illegal aliens into Sterling.

I led the fight and then endorsed an entire slate of honest and brave candidates in the Herndon elections and the pro-illegal town council was defeated. A new Mayor and council now salutes Sterling. It made national news.

I authored the Delgaudio Ordinance that limits the number of people in a home. It's not perfect because it's only as tough as allowed by Virginia law.

The western Loudoun powerbrokers love illegal immigration, but they don't want it near their homes. By defeating me and overturning the Delgaudio Ordinance, they can continue to make Sterling the county's bedroom community for illegal aliens.

You can help me defeat them and protect Sterling by standing with me today.

I was the guy pushing 287(g) in Loudoun County. 287 (g) is where illegal aliens convicted of a crime get deported.

Illegal aliens who commit a crime are not welcome in our community.

For the last eight years I have spoken out against liberal schemers' plans to density pack Sterling. Under the plan promoted by my opponent today, Sterling's single-family homes would be replaced by sardine-can style high-rise condos.


When Governor Tim Kaine kept the new Sterling Boulevard Interchange closed I swung into action and got the Board of supervisors to unanimously call for the opening of the interchange.

That closed interchange was opened within days, last November 2006 instead of announced May 2007 opening!

I have raised over a million dollars for special programs like the honor roll students gift card program, the new Science oriented playground at Sully Elementary School, the trees being planted this Fall along Sterling Boulevard, and the renovations at Bill Allen Field for the Lower Loudoun Football League.

If I win this Saturday, I will continue to fight for you and keep Sterling united.

But you must stand with me for that to happen. You must be a delegate, donate a check or vote for me in November.
Thank you.


As a fine example of distortion in order to win an election, my opponent tells voters I voted "against" the Abused Women's Shelter. Actually, I condemned the use of taxpayer money for blatent political propaganda on the part of zealots who wanted the Marriage Amendment defeated.

70 per cent of Sterling ignored their use of taxpayer funds to spread fear and voted to pass the Marriage Amendment. By attacking me, my opponet clearly opposes the Marriage Amendment and for using taxpayer funds to oppose traditional Marriage. Just like Scott York and Jim Burton.

The Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter committed a considerable amount of its time, effort and office space last year to campaigning against Virginia's Marriage Amendment. Their main argument was to falsely claim that taking laws that have already been in place for years and repeating them in the state constitution would mysteriously invalidate Virginia's laws against domestic abuse.

In their presentations to local liberal groups, and the news media, they repeatedly and falsely claimed that 1) a traditional marriage law in Ohio had somehow legalized domestic abuse, and that 2) adopting an amendment that didn't change anything would do the same in Virginia. This, despite the fact Virginia's domestic abuse laws already make no distinction when it comes to marital status and have never been effected by the Commonwealth's ban on gay marriage.

Any lease of taxpayer-owned property to LAWS, however noble and useful their stated mission is, runs the serious risk of having it used again in another false political campaign.

The patently false claims of LAWS, that taking current law and printing it again-- this time in the Constitution-- would magically create new rules that somehow erase state laws, deliberately ignored several facts.

From a legal point of view, every legal authority in Virginia, the legislature and the Attorney General had gone on record saying Virginia's domestic violence laws would not be affected by the Marriage Protection Amendment passing.


In the last few days I recieved reports, and I have seen them too, of unoccupied "for sale" houses having out of control grass and weeds. At Tuesday's board of supervisors' meeting I introduced a resolution asking for special attention to be paid to Sterling Park's many blighted houses that seem to have been forgotten about during this housing glut. This resolution requested the Health Department to issue citations immediately on these unsightly and unhealthy situations. After a short discussion, the Delgaudio Weed Nusiance Resolution passed unanimously.

The Health Department will cite a property owner (in this case a bank) and give them 7 days to correct a weed problem.


I am collecting addresses of these unoccupied "for sale" houses with high weed and grass. Send me an address if you have one near your neighborhood. Thank you.

***Agenda and Directions for the County Convention.

If you are a delegate, I need you to attend the convention on Saturday June 9. There is no proxy voting. You must be present to vote. Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at 10 a.m. If you get there later than 10 a.m. they will not issue you a credential badge.

The convention will start at 10 a.m. with rules announced and passed. Then speeches should follow for contested races which includes STERLING. Voting should begin between 11 and 11:30 a.m. and finish by 1 p.m. After voting you can leave as there will only be one ballot.THANK YOU.

The convention will be held at the The Community Church 19790 Ashburn Road Ashburn, Virginia. These are directions to the Church along with a map of the location.

Take Route 7 West to Ashburn. Take Claiborne Parkway South exit.
At stop sign turn left onto Russell Branch Parkway.
At stop sign turn left onto Ashburn Rd. Turn right into last driveway.

>>>Party Friday Night June 8, 6:00 p.m.

The next Delgaudio party is Friday Night June 8. A video has been posted of the last party at on the home page.

WHEN: Friday June 8, 2007 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
WHAT: Pre-Convention Party (Pizza, Salad and Soda)
Location: Santini's New York Deli, (famous for 30 years)
46950 Community Plaza Drive in Sterling Under the Clock Tower off Route 7, opposite Chick Fil-A
Cost: free to delegates, donation requested from others.


Yes, anyone can vote. Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Please vote today on the top song you want to be the campaign theme song. You can only vote once. I know this will be disappointing to some liberals who are trying to vote in Republican races, Democratic Party caucuses and Republican and Democratic primaries.

Vote today.


My opponent George Hidy promoted taxpayer funded internet pornography at Loudoun Libraries as Scott York's appointee to the Library Board. Hand in hand with liberal Jim Burton he assisted the ACLU wantabees.

Former Delegate Richard Black says "As a member of the Loudoun County Library Board, George Hidy was a principal proponent of admitting pornography into the public libraries. However, during the 2007 legislative session, the Virginia General Assembly finally mandated Internet filtering on all public library computers.

Earlier, the U.S. Supreme Court had repudiated Hidy's view that there was a 1st Amendment right to access pornography through public library computers. This paved the way for Virginia to do what most people in Loudoun county wanted to do 10 years ago--put filters on our computers.

It took 10 years for pro-family forces to prevail after (George) Hidy and the ACLU took $100,000 in taxpayer money and gave it to Mainstream Loudoun for suing the County." (unquote from Richard Black)

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