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Delgaudio Wins GOP Nomination Again

June 9, 2007

The results are in 110 votes (83%) for my re-election to 22 (16%) for my opponent.

This a great victory for the people of Sterling. Thank you to my family and to all of you that came foreward to vote for my nomination today. The voting ended at 3 p.m. and the ballot results were announced at 6 p.m. today at the community church.

Other results in contested races.

Greg Ahlemann won the nomination for Sherrif through acclaimation. Gary Clemens won the nomination for Clerk of the Court Mark Allbright won the nomination for Blue Ridge Supervisor, Geary Higgins won the nomination for Catactin Supervisor and Steve Snow won the nomination for Dulles Supervisor.


Yes, anyone can vote. Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Please vote today on the top song you want to be the campaign theme song. You can only vote once. I know this will be disappointing to some liberals who are trying to vote in Republican races, Democratic Party caucuses and Republican and Democratic primaries.

Vote today.

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