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Oppose Density Packing

June 26, 2007


I attended the Park View High School graduation last week and then a luncheon for students afterwards. I visited yard sales this past Saturday. On Monday, during a committee work session, I worked with Supervisors Snow and Staton to recommend to the full board of supervisors a new retirement community between two Churches and next to Costco on Bartholmew Fair Drive.

The days of Potomac View Road's "rustic" nature are one step to ending. The roller coaster road with frequent accidents will be straightened out and made an even grade. A new traffic light will be added to the bottom of the "speeders" hill.

I asked for a provision that Sterling's famous phantom goat memorialized in John Geddie's columns be formally remembered with a marker or statue. That was accepted. The phantom goat was also known as Dimitri's goat. Many years ago, Dimitri had been at a Greek festival and had brought goats to entertain the children. This goat got away and escaped.

>>> SAVE THE DATE Friday July 13

The next Delgaudio party will be held Friday July 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. and along with pizza, salad and soda there will be a ton of ice cream.


Seldom do I mention Scott York on these pages. I usually report on my activities and attempts to improve roads. I tell you where I have been or where I am going to be, promote community events and push fundraising for charities, myself or other candidates.


On Sunday, many newspapers started reporting what most people in Sterling already know.

Scott York is a hypocrite. That's why he is at 30 per cent in Sterling election returns while I am at 53 per cent election returns (2003 election).

It is business as usual as Scott York ludicrously makes false allegations and Republicans are "corrupt" and "on the take".

The same Scott York who sits in the county government building reviewing his own company's rezoning application is now telling you that there is no Density Packing being proposed.


Your Sterling Supervisor and Supervisor Mick Staton propose taking out laws on the books (the current Loudoun County General Plan) requiring plans to build four additional Reston Town Centers in Sterling, Sugarland, Potomac and the Route 28 area and prevent the bulldozing of long established homes. Scott York loudly says "NO".


Just last Tuesday, high density millionaire Builder Bob Buchanan came into the board room in broad day light and said bluntly "You (the board of supervisors) want to ATTRACT Ballston-style high rise development to Loudoun" (sic). SCOTT YORK SAID YES EARLIER. (He would have voted for the $250 million debt for Fairfax to build its fixed rail boondoggle, but he was absent for the vote). I said "NO WAY".

It was a proposal for fixed rail metro for $250 million in new debt for Loudoun that would require high density as part of the plan. I said No. Scott York said Yes many times to this $250 million debt to be added to our budget for "Metro" and new high density development.


Last week the Leesburg Today newspaper reported the chilling account of how School Superintendent Hatrick began the process of condemning a property "for school use" without the school board even knowing about it. Without any elected official public involvement (on the record) there will be a public hearing and vote on a hostile taking of property for education purposes. I must work to protect Sterling from this kind of policy rampant in government.


All I can say is I have worked to remove legal language to invite, encourage and plan large scale high rise development in Sterling and Eastern Loudoun. And Scott York, my opponent, Scott's friends are condemning me and my allies.


Last week Chairman York held a public hearing in Leesburg on how to raise your taxes and some top members of the building community came forward to say "YES, PLEASE RAISE YOUR TAXES THROUGH FEES AND PENALITIES". Mr. York seems to be using "public forums" to justify the raising of taxes. Unless you act, he will use a public meeting this week to say nobody objects to his raising taxes and allowing density packing in Sterling.

Attend the meeting, or write the board with your opinion at All nine supervisors recieve your written message. Thank you.

>>>> SCOTT YORK'S "Town Hall Meeting"

This Thursday, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York will hold a Town Hall Meeting Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m., in the auditorium at Seneca Ridge Middle School (SRMS), 98 Seneca Ridge Drive, Sterling. York will address the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and its implementation of the transportation bill HB 3202, the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment concerning the use of the power of eminent domain and other topics of concern.


Of course I will be there. I believe there is a danger that some in the public are being victimized by this deliberate attempt to misrepresent the dangers of density packing proposals in Sterling. York says "Do nothing". I propose we take the words out of the plan that spell out "four regional town centers in Eastern Loudoun districts".

Here's directions from Sterling. Go Up Sterling Blvd. Turn right on Route 7 towards Chick Filet and Dranesville Road. Go one light. Turn Left onto Augusta Drive. Proceed to the second intersection
Turn Right onto Seneca Ridge Drive, Follow Driveway and SRMS will be on your right


Scott York says he believes there is no danger. York is aligned with the no-growth density packing coalition in Western Loudoun that seeks to pump all development into Eastern Loudoun.

His hope and design is to deny the existence of any plans and righteously condemn any warnings issued by your Sterling Supervisor or Supervisor Staton.

I will oppose density packing of high rise development in Eastern Loudoun. York supports it by claiming there exists no plans and opposing legal proposals to prevent the plans.

We must work to preserve Sterling as a residential community. We must work to oppose the use of eminent domain to condemn private property for the profit of private developers and no public discussion. We must work to restore real ethical behavior in government office.


Over 300 showings of my 3 minute speech from the Loudoun County GOP convention on Youtube.

>>> SAVE THE DATE Friday July 13

The next Delgaudio party will be held Friday July 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. and along with pizza, salad and soda there will be a ton of ice cream.

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