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White Flags Mean New Trees

June 27, 2007

For several weeks there have been little white flags on Sterling Boulevard. They represent where the new trees will be planted in the Fall. The orange ties around the old trees represent the trees that will be removed. Thank you to donors and Sterling Foundation.

>>>> SCOTT YORK'S "Town Hall Meeting"

This Thursday, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York will hold a Town Hall Meeting Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m., in the auditorium at Seneca Ridge Middle School (SRMS), 98 Seneca Ridge Drive, Sterling. York will address the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and its implementation of the transportation bill HB 3202, the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment concerning the use of the power of eminent domain and other topics of concern according to a published account in the newspaper.


Of course I will be there. I believe there is a danger that some in the public are being victimized by this deliberate attempt to misrepresent the dangers of density packing proposals in Sterling. York says "Do nothing". I propose we take the words out of the plan that spell out "four regional town centers in Eastern Loudoun districts".

Here's directions from Sterling. Go Up Sterling Blvd. Turn right on Route 7 towards Chick Filet and Dranesville Road. Go one light. Turn Left onto Augusta Drive. Proceed to the second intersection
Turn Right onto Seneca Ridge Drive, Follow Driveway and SRMS will be on your right

>>>> York's "Hearing": Raising Taxes, Building High Density, Stoping the Delgaudio-Staton CPAM

As a courtesy, Mr. York attends some of my community meetings. And I attend some of his.

Last week, I went to Leesburg and reported to you, dear Sterling Americans, that this "hearing" was a public relations nightmare promoting high density and high taxes under the guise of a hearing. Will that happen here in Sterling at the Senaca Ridge Middle School Thursday night?

Are you for high taxes as proposed (increased penalties on driving infractions, tremendous hikes on recordation fees when you sell your house, etc.) for Fairfax to get better transportation? (that's HB 3202).

Are you for high density development to support Metro?

Are you against preserving your neighborhood as it is now and replacing it with high rise development?

As I said, I will be in attendance in order to hear what the people have to say, and to answer any questions about this issue. I would urge you to attend as well and let Mr. York know exactly how you feel about passing the Delgaudio-Staton Anti-Density CPAM to protect Eastern Loudoun and preserving our communities.


A few of you have written me to say you are on board. One person asked "could you explain it again".

For those who are still reading, I write again:

Scott York is emphatically and repeatedly stating "there is no proposed density packing of Eastern Loudoun".

Mick Staton and I are just as emphatically saying, there ARE no current proposals, Just talk about longterm proposals. To prevent these future propsals, we need to make corrections now-- like making eminent domain part of the Virginia Constitution and removing language calling for re-development from the general plan NOW.

I have said there are many statements in the public record, including two major developments (Metro and high density development Metro calls for-- voted on last week) last Tuesday.

>>> How About Delgaudio And York Being Both Wrong?

Even if both "sides" of this issue are equally wrong-- what's the harm in eliminating or deleting language in the general plan that states "there shall be 4 Regional Town centers in Eastern Loudoun"? (sic).

Or, even if both "sides" are wrong, why not be in favor of allowing a public hearing on the Delgaudio-Staton CPAM? It is possible that all of this posturing against the Delgaudio-Staton anti-Density CPAM is to stall a public hearing in order to prevent the current board from considering it.

Here's some general (not technical) definitions and examples (for Eastern Loudoun)

Low Density: 2 to 4 houses per acre as with the single family and townhouses in Sterling right now.

Mid level density: 15 to 22 units per acre (usually limited to a handful of remote locations at several small retirement communities in Sterling, Ashburn and planned in the South Riding communities to address affordable housing for retirees and public servants like firemen and deputies and teachers).

High density development: 10 to 20 stories or floors in high rise buildings or 30 to 40 residential units per acre, as with Reston Town Center. (I do not want this for Sterling, and I know you do not either).

Last week, the vote for metro was 7 yes, 1 no, 1 absent (York) and the vote included a statement of support for high density development in Loudoun which Supervisor Staton stated was not his reason for voting yes.

I cited high density as a reason to vote no.

I am against high density development that takes away old neighborhoods in Eastern Loudoun. When the general plan has a guideline for high density development look for those proposals with the changing of boards of supervisors.

I am pledged to change the general plan and am working to do that.

My opponents, including Scott York, condemn me publicly and in letters for my pledge. They condemn the Delgaudio-Staton Anti-Density CPAM to Protect Eastern Loudoun as "unncessary" and attack it in letters to the editor and elsewhere.

It is time to hear from you if possible.

You can always write the board at and all nine (9) supervisors will hear what you have to say. Thank you.


Michael Brooks, a longtime scout leader, is also walking to fight cancer. Brooks writes "While we all don't know someone who has blood cancer; Cancer in some form has touched all of our lives. I believe research of one cancer might help cure another. Please consider going to my fundraising web site and make a donation to support me and my team for the Light Up the Night Walk. I have set a personal goal of raising $1,000. for this years walk. Please help me reach that goal. The owner of my company has generously said he will match the donations collected. Every little bit helps."
Here is my Website


We had a productive meeting last month at Rolling Ridge Elementary school on the Police Substation. I have just received this update "The architect has taken comments from the public meeting and is incorporating them as appropriate. County staff is preparing the submission for the required special exception, and should have the final piece, which is the traffic report, within the next week or so. At that point, the planning department will have all of the information required and after their review, our submission will work its way to the planning commission." We will have the opportunity again to comment when it makes it to the planning commission and to the board of supervisors for a "special exception."

>>> SAVE THE DATE Friday July 13

The next Delgaudio party will be held Friday July 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. and along with pizza, salad and soda there will be a ton of ice cream.

It will be at Santini's New York Style Restaurant under the Clock Tower opposite Chick Fila on Route 7 in Sterling.


Over 300 showings of my 3 minute speech from the Loudoun County GOP convention on Youtube.

Or visit the homepage to see this video or the other FUNNY 3 minute video that includes MOST of the candidates in one quick production.

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