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May 21, 2007

Patricia Phillips of Sterling District won the Republican nomination for Senator this past Saturday.

It was great seeing some of you and others at the canvass. Congratulations to both Patricia and John Andrews for running a well-publicized race reported by the news media for weeks.

Sterling is now the home of the Republican nominee for Senator against Mark Herring.

And thank you to all the election day volunteer workers who were all Republican volunteers.

The 33rd Republican Senate Legislative District Committee held the Party
Canvass May 19th. The following are the voting results of the nomination

Fairfax Site:
Patricia Phillips - 122
John Andrews - 107

Loudoun Site:
Patricia Phillips - 669
John Andrews - 571

The total number of ballots cast was 1,471, which included two blank ballots.

One personal note about Patricia. She presided over my own election win on May 22, 1999 just eight years ago TOMMORROW. She was neutral in that race and I have been neutral in this race until now. I endorsed her Saturday after the returns were official.

Her leadership was strong and steady in that earlier situation. I had predicted a large turnout of Democrats 8 years ago. And it happened as I predicted. Many Democrats swamped and ended then chairlady Dale Myers re-election bid and caused the defeat of conservative Steve Whitener (even though we -- you and I-- carried Steve to victory in Sterling).

It was Phillips who quietly but firmly presided over a trained team of Republican volunteers who were ready for hundreds of people-- mostly Republicans in Sterling-- who flooded the polls for a few hours Republican canvass.

At the time few other districts functioned as well as it was the first time dealing with such a process. Only Sterling had trained for a high turnout.

It is no chance coincidence that Patricia Phillips has the Republican nomination for Senator in an upset win on the eve of the anniversary of that election result 8 years ago.

Let us not forget we must work for turnout on Saturday June 9 at the Community Church in Ashburn for my own Republican nomination to keep this team on track. Allies of the Democratic Party are working overtime to defeat me and they are even now re-doubling their efforts due to the Phillips victory.

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