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May 26, 2007

I hope you join the 21 gun salute at 11 a.m. on Monday at the Sterling Veterans Memorial located at the intersection of Holly Avenue and Sterling Boulevard. There will also be a speech.

Workers are busy this morning putting down fresh sod for the memorial. Thank you to the supplier of the sod.

I will be mailing a party invite to Santini's 6 to 8 p.m. Friday June 8 to delegates and contributors today. So save the date.

Of course, all delegates supporting me should come out Saturday, June 9 for the Republican Convention.


Virginia Paving under contract with Loudoun Sanitation Authority has finished the side road along 2 miles of Sterling Boulevard on the western side. This is a smooth ride. Residents have noticed the fabulous new pavement there. Congratulations to the neighbors and thank you for being patient. Phase One of the water main replacement is done and the pavement is a result of that. Trees will be planted in the Fall.


New Delgaudio signs are up and appearing on private homes in the community. One of my opponents has, today, objected to these signs being placed on private property. This opponent has previously questioned my handing out American Flags on the Fourth of July.

Freedom of expresson in the form of candidate signs on private property and the patriotic display of our nation's flag shall continue in Sterling despite the opposition and disruption from my opponent.

I have said there is no limit to what ploys will be used by my opponents. This is typical.


One of my opponents has sent out mailings including a Postcard announcing a "one on none" debate for Tuesday, May 29. I have not agreed to a debate. Warren Geurin the "moderator" has not agreed to a "debate." There are other functions that night and the community center is too small for all of my supporters.

In order to be legitimate, a neutral sponsor would invite me. My opponent sponsoring a debate is absurd. One of the first things a neutral party would make sure: pick a date that is okay with me. This is a publicity ploy on the part of someone who has no support.

Tom Rust has his kick-off at 6:30 p.m. in Herndon on Tuesday and the county committee meets in Leesburg at 7:30 p.m. in the government center. New members of the committee from Sterling will be attending the meeting and I get 3 minutes to address and invite everybody to my next fundraising rally on June 8 at Santini's.

So, once again with gusto, my opponent shows this opponent is out of touch with real Sterling Republicans who will be busy at two locations Tuesday.

Published remarks I have made include "After eight years, pretty much everyone in Sterling knows I am the only candidate opposing increases in property taxes, supporting the Delgaudio Ordinance limiting the number of people in a home and opposing plans to bulldoze existing Sterling homes and density-pack in massive condo towers. The convention rules also already allow Mr. Hidy to speak to every person who will be voting on any topic he wishes, without interruption.

In the meantime, as has always been the case anyone who has a question can just ask me directly by calling me at home at 703-421-4599, e-mailing me at, asking me at any community event or asking me when I speak with them at their door."

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