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Happy Mother's Day!

May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to moms in Sterling and the world. This is a day to do something special for your mom, the mother of your children, or Mothers in your family, your neighborhood or your church.

I have prepared some help links for e-cards, songs and lyrics for Mother's Day Songs for you to sing.

Link to "In My Mother's Arms" lyrics and sample from the album
There are ten other songs in tribute to Mothers on the page.

>>>Only If you Like Adam Sandler
Years ago, Adam Sandler, the comedian, sang this Mothers Day Song. Photo and lyrics.

>>>Singing Telegram, Happy Mothers Day, Mom

>>>Five animated (cartoon) Mothers Day E-cards to send

>>>Animated E- Greeting Card for Mothers Day

>>>10 e-cards for Mothers day (pick one)

>> Funny Flash Animated Mothers Day e-Cards and Poems for your Mom

>>> 10 more animated e-cards for Mothers day

>>> Posted for the First Time. You Are There.
Two online videos of the campaign kick-off April 13. Part One the Introduction and Part Two "The Speech".
Under Multimedia Highlights on the right of the homepage.


I sent 300 Delegates a thank you letter last week. And a public thank you letter was sent to the newspapers last week to express a public appreciation for all the work and wonderful response to our successful campaign to sign up 300 delegates. Thank you all again. Message to all delegates: Save the Date June 9, the county convention date.


As part of the "Republican Convention Process" the delegates will get a lot of mail from me. And sadly, my opponent will also be sending out a lot of lies in the mail. Be on the look out for desperate tactics by a desperate candidate who has no support in the Sterling community. He has resorted to name calling, distortions and false allegations in a "burn the bridges" effort to bully 300 delegates to support him "or else".

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