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Deadline for GOP Delegates

May 3, 2007

1900 Loudoun county Republicans are already delegates. 85 Sterling Americans are Republican Delegates. And soon, there will be 300 Sterling Delegates. If you are now a delegate, thank you.

If you are not a delegate, please become one.


As I warned you: Allies of the Democratic Party have forced the re-opening of the nomination process for the Republican nomination for Supervisor in Sterling district.

They are attempting to rob Sterling of the right to be represented by a Republican Supervisor.

Following a meeting of the Republican committee last week, there IS now a short period, ENDING SUNDAY AT 5 P.M. in which new delegates can sign up.

If you do not file as a delegate your seat will be voted by a liberal who wants to reverse your values, reverse your progress, increase regulations on your business and increase taxes on anything and everything.

Some liberal newspapers are promoting a " RINO -Republican In Name Only" opponent to me. This opponent is a long time ally of the Democratic Party attempting to make Sterling a one party government.

Of course the Democratic Party chairman has declared "he is not involved". He and his allies just stand to profit greatly and liberals are busy recruiting liberals to of course take over the Republican Party.

I know this is something you will want to stand with me on. Consider going with me to the June Republican convention being held in the Community Church.

Church-hating liberals protest the location of the Republican Convention at a church.

We need to bring the number of delegates to 300 and repulse the hordes of Democrats and their allies as they push to destroy our two party system. Liberal lawyers and weak leadership have gotten us in this mess. Only a large number of Sterling Americans standing together can solve the problem, as usual.

Help me by becoming a delegate. All you have to do is fill out a form which I will provide you. I will come to your house to drop a form off. Or you can download a form and call me to pick it up. My phone is 703-421-4599. I am picking up forms in Sterling daily and nightly.

You can hit reply and write: I want to be a delegate (your name and phone number).

Let me know if you wish to be a delegate. Thank you.

This is the 2,000 word corrected "CALL" on-line. It explains the Republican Convention, kind of.

This is the one page form, the 2007 Republican Delegate Form, to fill out. It can take 30 seconds to fill it out and post to your door for me to pick up.

Of course, you can bring the filled out form to Suzanne Volpe, Nominations Chairman at 20547 Quarterpath Trace Circle, Va. not later than 5 p.m. May 6th. Postmarks go not govern.

Trouble with the links? The call and form is posted at

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