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Tax $ To Albino Frogs & Hybrid Cars

April 2, 2007

The new Sterling Community Center opened up Saturday and I joined elected officials in welcoming the public to a new chapter for Sterling. "Sky" is the new manager and he also ran the old community center by the "old" Post Office for so many years.

Sterling is getting a 2nd Post Office branch over on Dranesville Road, in the Rider Hobby Store which has its grand opening Thursday April 5 at 11:30 a.m. Frank is the new manager.

What: Grand Opening Ceremony
Where: Rider's Hobby Shop Contract Postal Unit 21800 Towncenter Plaza, Ste. 236
When: Thursday, April 5, 2007
Time: 11:30 AM


Sterling Boulevard Cleanup, Saturday, April 14, 9 a.m. to noon. Volunteers needed. Meet at Park View Recycling Center (400 W Laurel Ave.) to receive orange bags, safety vests, instructions and directions. Please bring gloves. In
case of inclement weather, cleanup will be deferred to April 21. For more information, call Kevin Chroninger at 703-406-7749 or visit


Two supervisors voted to raise taxes to 97.5 cents (from 89 cents), and 6 voted no. Privately one of the 2 supervisors voting for the tax increase was trying to figure out how to raise the rate tom morrow and obtain five of nine votes to do it.

He looked at me and said "YOU'RE NOT A PLAYER" in that effort to get five votes to raise the tax rate.

I laughed and said "Yes, you are right, I am not a player in raising the tax rate". I am sure you are glad that I am not a player to increase the tax rate from 89 cents to 97.5 cents too.

>>>Albino Frogs and Hybrid Cars
>>>Albino Frogs and Hybrid Cars
>>>Albino Frogs and Hybrid Cars

I have told you about the $136, 5000 to British Polo Players. Over my objections, the board of supervisors voted 8 yes, one no for $40,000 to go to "Albino Frogs" in my first term. That became a good example of waste.

This board has voted dozens of wasteful programs that make $40,000 for albino frogs look cheap by comparison.

Similar to that kind of quirky or obscure budget abuse, is the vote to award a much larger amount: 2 million dollars in 2008 alone, and over 3 million dollars since 2005 for a little over 2,000 NEW CAR BUYERS. Over my objection and "no" vote, the Board approved full tax exemption for anyone purchasing a brand new Hybrid automobile.

I asked for this report and it has just arrived on my desk.

A majority of the board will give five million dollars in 3 years to new car drivers just because they bought a new "hybrid"

My position and that of many in Sterling: if you buy a brand new car, you can afford to pay property taxes.

Let's not get into "saving the environment". My job is to ensure public safety, health, transportation and education.

To this day, Official State Democrat Party Blogs claim "albino frogs" were not funded. You now know the truth about albino frogs and now hybrid cars.

(partial list)

I have proposed over and over again publicly to get the county out of "services" they perform that waste millions of dollars. Private firms routinely do this work better and at a great savings to their customers.

*$40,000 for albino frogs

*$2 million tax exemptions for brand new Hybrid Cars

*Economic Development Office, $2 million wasted, Rotary and Chamber of Commerce do it for free.

*Animal Shelter, hundreds of private shelters in the region, privatize and save the animals

*Solid Waste Management, government workers to protect garbage. 90 per cent of all garbage is shipped south so why use $2 million of tax dollars to keep and preserve garbage in Loudoun?

*"Youth Initiative" department duplicates schools, health and social services

*Broadband Services Department, a luxury at taxpayer expense.

* Loudoun County Office of Capital Construction

*Drug Court which decriminalizes drug use and has no limits to spending

*Drunk Tank, $800,000.00 for intoxicated bums to dry out without punishment

*Public Horse Parks, $2.2 million in scenic Lovetsville where you pay for the open space and for horses to play
$500,000 public

*$1.2 million for Franklin Performing Arts Center

*$5.5 million for "Leesburg Performing Arts Center" (proposed)

*$500,000 for very special cobblestone highways in Waterford (proposed publicly)

*$400,000 for giant stone billboards -- illegal everywhere in Loudoun-- but not in Western Loudoun!

*$136,500 for British Polo Players at Morven Park including paying for deputies for safety so that adults can play with horses at your expense.

*$2.2 million for public commuter bus fleet better done by private firms

*$6 million for Howard Hughes Institute (assets $12 billion plus $750,000 per year CEOs)

*$130 million Proposed Science and Tech Academy which should be built by benefited industries not taxpayers

>>4,000 vacant seats now and 5,000 vacant seats next year.

Clint Thomas, CPA and citizen volunteer Vice-Chairman of the Loudoun Financial Performance Audit Committee wrote me and said "....using the School's own figures in their Capitol Improvement Program, the fact that there are already more than 4,000 empty seats in our County as a whole which is more than enough to meet the new growth in aggregate. As you can also see highlighted (in my report), this figure will rise to over 5,000 available seats by Fall 2007 with new schools coming online. We already have more than enough seats for every incoming student."

>>>Taxation without representation

Supervisor Mick Staton has asked the county attorney and is asking fellow Supervisors to prepare to sue the Governor to present "taxation without representation". In speaking with Senator Herring on Saturday morning at the opening of Claude Moore Park, Staton asked him about the changes proposed by the Governor to the Transportation bill. These changes state that only 6 of the 9 localities in Northern Virginia would have to approve of increasing a series of taxes in order for them to take effect.

Staton asked Senator Herring if it was his understanding that if Loudoun County voted against these new taxes, yet six other localities in Northern Virginia (Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, etc.) voted in favor of these new taxes, then Loudoun County citizens would be faced with a tax increase, even though their local government opposed these increases. Herring answered that he (Herring) believed that to be the correct situation. So now Staton is asking the board of supervisors to be prepared to react to the possible passage Wednesday, in Richmond, of this new tax increase that the board has expressed unanimous opposition to.

>>>>>>> COME and get your Orange Hat!

THE INVITE HAS ARRIVED in the Sterling area. Look for it to arrive if you live outside STerling. I used green ink.

The independent Newspaper has reported this major Delgaudio event. You must come. Don't let me down.

My wife Sheila and I invite you to a party Friday April 13, 2007 at Santini's in Sterling at 6:30 p.m. . Please help in my campaign for re-election to a third term on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors I hope you can come and I hope you can help with a donation. If you can not come, let me know and send a check for $2,000, $1000, $500, or whatever you can send.

I am being backed by the Republican Party, 25 local Republican elected officials including Reps. Tom Davis and Frank Wolf, singer Pat Boone and Redskin hero Charles Mann and hundreds of small and large contributors,

I promise to work hard at re-election and with your help continue another 4 more years of responsible public service.

WHEN: Apr 13, 2007 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
WHAT Opening Day Campaign Season 2007
Location: Santini's New York Deli, famous for 30 years)
46950 Community Plaza Drive in Sterling Under the Clock Tower off Route 7, opposite Chick Fil-A

------------cut here AND MAIL OR HIT REPLY AND SEND BACK ------------

Reply : put his form inside your envelope and please return to P.O. Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20164

____ I will attend your "Opening Day" Campaign Event April 13 with ___________guests

____ I can not attend but enclosed is my gift of ______$2,000 ____$1000 ____$500 ____ $250

____$99 _______$other


Virginia Law requires me to ask the following information of donors whose gifts total MORE THAN $100 in an election cycle.



City, Virginia, Zip Code_____________________________

Occupation_________________________________ Employer____________________________________

Employer Location_________________________________________________

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