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Luck of the Irish to you

March 17, 2007

The sun is up and its going to warm up. It is 31 degrees, feels like 20,but the temperature will go up to 42 degrees.


The next Delgaudio re-elect event for fundraising and for fun will be Friday, April 13, 6:30 8:30
Santini's Restaurant 46950 Community Plaza under the Clock Tower off route 7 opposite Burlington Coat Factory and Chick Fil-A.

There will be pizza, giant six foot long subs, salads and soda. To rsvp and be on the rsvp list send back an email to me and say "I (full name) will be there Friday April 13 with (number here) family, and/or friends.

My goal is to raise money but that is secondary to having a good turnout and lots of fun. If you can afford a minimum $25 donation, I would be grateful.

If you wish to be my complimentary guest, please write "I would like to be your comp guest". I do not need to know why. You know I want you to be there.

If you can afford to donate more than $25, my goal is to raise $150,000 to reach my $250,000 goal by July 1st to fund this campaign. If you can donate the entire $150,000, I would be grateful. Sponsorship levels for this event are $10,000, $5,000, $2500, $1000, $500 and $100. Thank you.

In 2003, my budget of $100,000 was enough to overcome my opponents and his allies in the news media combined budget of $200,000. In this 2007 cycle, the in-kind help and undeclared assistance to the liberals in Sterling will approach $500,000.

Permission granted to send this on. Some blogs have already begun posting this announcement. Thank you in advance,

This week Pat Boone the famous singer endorsed me. Redskin football hero Charles Mann is helping me. Dozens of genuine celebrities, civic leaders, citizens, bloggers including blog and video cam bloggers will report this event. Over 700 contributors so far, thank you.

An orange hat will be given to you as long as they last. This will be the largest orange hat assembly in Sterling in history. Tell me if you can get there April 13.


America's top country singer Pat Boone is supporting my re-election. Mr. Boone is currently testing the waters for a presidential campaign run and was in Washington for that and other reasons. (liberal Wash.Post can not believe this)

>>Donate by Credit Card To Friends of Delgaudio
The campaign has entered the electronic era and needs your credit card donation to keep it there.

>>Donate by Snail Mail to Friends of Delgaudio
Make Checks payable to Friends of Delgaudio and mail to Friends of Delgaudio Post Office Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167.

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