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400 Irish Songs?

March 17, 2007

Its late evening but I wanted to write you again with some songs and a phone number. If I have to, I will go out but I would rather not go out to pick anyone up. If someone you know needs a ride, have them call for a free ride at 800-200-8294.

>>> That's 1-800-200-8294

For the first time available in Eastern Loudoun and the Washington Area until 6 A.M. (Most of Sterling Americans are home right now but somebody might get a call very late) This is a free ride from the taxi drivers in this metropolitan area.

Here are some Irish songs playing in my house. I am Irish by marriage don't you know? The link to 400 songs is below too.

>>>>7 Saint Patrick's Day songs with lyrics.
Worth the visit. Includes the wearing of the green.

>>>>25 Samples of Irish Songs
including Finnegan's Wake and The Unicorn Song

>>> Sound Clip: Its St. Patrick's Day

The words to 50 Irish Songs online. You can buy some "St. Patrick's Day Parade Pins" also.

>>>Live on St. Patrick's Day from Boston, MA at the Avalon Ballroom [LIVE]
Listen to 20 samples of songs from the album.

>>> Live Irish Radio Stations and TV Stations on the WEB
Songs being played in Ireland in real time.

Okay here's 391 Irish Song Lyrics. There are 50 Midi tapes to download takes 30 seconds. There just is no other better location for finding an Irish Song. On the home page there is a nice selection, but just look at the archive.

>>> Background on St. Patrick's Day and Some Song Lyrics

>>> TONS of Irish Song, Samples, Lyrics, Links to other websites

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