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Tuesday Night Incident

March 21, 2007

Sheriff's Office Reminds Parents of Safety Guidelines After Suspicious Event

I got this report from Sheriff Steve Simpson a minute ago. He is investigating a suspicious event that occurred Tuesday night in Sterling Park. After you read this, please foreward on to your entire contact list. Thank you.


A 5-year-old boy was outside playing with a friend in the area of St. Charles Square when just before 8 PM he saw an unknown man running towards him. The child screamed and at that time his mother ran outside of their townhouse. The mother told authorities she saw the possible shadow of the man running around a corner.

Although the man made no apparent attempts to touch the child, Sheriff Steve Simpson said that with the arrival of spring comes outside activities and now is a good time to talk with your children about safety. Simpson cited a list of guidelines from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children regarding things parents should tell children about safety. They include:

Always check first with a parent, guardian, or trusted adult before going anywhere, accepting anything, or getting into a car with anyone.

Do not go out alone. Always take a friend with when going places or playing outside.

Say no if someone tries to touch you, or treats you in a way that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. Get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

Tell a parent, guardian, or trusted adult if you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.

There will always be someone to help you, and you have the right to be safe.

Simpson also reminded residents to report suspicious persons or activity to the Sheriff's Office non-emergency line at 703-777-1021.


I am just one guy. You know a lot of people and I can't keep up with some new or changed email addresses. Could you please send this on to your HOA or contact list? Thank you.

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