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March 23, 2007


I have been in several "worksessions" three nights a week on the budget. Up to now there have been no "binding" votes, just discussion and review of proposals to spend and proposals to increase taxes.

Last night the board of supervisors met until 10:30 p.m. and started "straw" voting (non-binding). We started the evening with a proposal to find out where the board stood on a tax increase proposed by Chairman York. He wanted a vote on the 97.5 cent rate. Five voted no, four voted yes. I voted no.

This meant that the discussion would not be had at the high end of the proposed tax rate. Mr. Staton moved to start with all of County Administrator Kirby Bowers proposed reductions to get to a lower tax rate. I supported that.

Liberals grumbled that this would be hard work. Several liberals cat called me for going so "slow" as they repeatedly voted "no" to reductions.

Earlier this year I supported and Mr. Staton proposed options to reduce spending down to 89 cents which would result in a tax decrease for the average homeowner in Loudoun.

Most jurisdictions in Northern Virginia are reducing the tax rate and the amount of taxes you are paying due to the overall economy and recognition of the pain you are going through. NOT LOUDOUN.

These proposed reductions could have brought the spending down significantly and all of these reductions were designed the reduce the tax rate without effecting countywide services. I voted for most of these reductions. I did not vote to reduce the election office for 45,000 dollars and did not vote to reduce spending on the proposed new police station in Sterling for 676,000 dollars.

I voted to reduce spending from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. last night. I chaired the budget meetings since I am chairman of the Finance Committee. I counted the votes each time on each item and the board refused to approve most of the County Administrator's proposals to reduce spending. Millions and millions of dollars were proposed for reduced spending.

Most of the 3 and 1/2 hours I voted yes to reduce spending. Mick Staton voted yes most of the time.

York, Burton, Kurtz, Snow voted "no" to reductions most of the time. Tulloch and Clem were next in the number of times voting "no" to reductions. Then Waters in the number of times voting "no" to reductions. Finally as I said Staton and myself voted "no" the least times. I need five supervisors to vote to reduce spending most of the time.

We will meet with the School Board and they asking for 500 million dollars in building and construction and a 90 million dollar increase. Only one school board member, Guzman, has said the school board could function with a 20 million dollar reduction in their 90 million dollar increase.

If you can afford a big increase in your taxes, do nothing.

If you wish to encourage Supervisors to reduce spending and not approve big tax increase, please write the board ASAP

The Board will meet Saturday and then again Wednesday of next week on this budget topic. I expect that some supervisors will continue to propose reductions. But at the present time only two supervisors will consistently vote to reduce spending in order to reduce both the tax rate and amount of taxes you pay.


Over one thousand seven hundred Republicans signed an oath and filed as delegates for the June 8 convention. Thank you if you are one of them. Thank you to the NEARLY 100 Sterling District Delegates for filing.

The liberal candidates who wanted to make the Loudoun County Republican Committee a clone of the Loudoun Democrats filed fewer delegates by the deadline. Unable to complete a hostile liberal takeover, they now want to abolish the LCRC and eliminate any competition against Democrats, just as I predicted. The various Democratic Party Blogs and liberal elements condemn my truth telling but now they report the same allegations.

I do not expect them to publish retractions. But since I am right and they are now proven wrong, I get to say I told you so. I TOLD YOU SO.


I predicted that liberal allies of the Democrats would infiltrate the Republican Party and attempt to disband it. The Democrats mocked me. Now, today, Now Mr. Wolinksi proved us right and is waving it in everyone's face. Liberal allies of the Democratic Party are working openly to disband the Republican Committtee with big huzzahs from some liberals in the news media.

This Monday the Republican Committee meets at the Eastern Loudoun Regional Library at 7:30 p.m. and RINO's (Republicans in name only) who have joined them, will attempt to dismantle the Republican Committee in every shape and form.

It is harder to speak the truth every day. It is kind of sad that the same people who condemn my truth telling gleefully and excitedly report or support word for word exactly what I predicted just two weeks previously which they just as excitedly and gleefully denied.

They think I am not going to tell you their duplicity. As usual the liberals are wrong again.

The meeting will be packed on Monday. I will introduce a resolution asking for a tax reduction. These same liberals will condemn my tax reduction resolution as irresponsible. I will need every member of the Sterling District Republican Committee and more to prevail. I hope to. Its free admission and you can come if you wish.


Robbery: This past Tuesday night, March 16 at about 9 p.m. in the 270 block of South Sterling Blvd., a 36-year-old Sterling woman was robbed at knifepoint as she walked to her car in the parking lot of the Sterling Park Mall. The victim was approached by a vehicle with two Hispanic males. One the males exited the car and brandished a knife. The suspect demanded money and stole the victim's purse. The suspect was described as being in his mid to late teens, with a thin build, black hair and green eyes. The driver of the vehicle was only described as a Hispanic male of a similar age. The suspect vehicle was described as a black four door. The incident was reported to authorities approximately one hour after it had occurred. The case is being investigated by the Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division.


Congressman Frank Wolf and the other U.S. Reps are sponsoring their annual Academy Day on Saturday March 24 for students interested in attending one of the nation's service academies. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the program begins at 8:45 a.m. at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Chantilly right by the Dulles Airport off of Route 28.


Sterling Boulevard Cleanup, Saturday, April 14, 9 a.m. to noon. Volunteers needed. Meet at Park View Recycling Center (400 W Laurel Ave.) to receive orange bags, safety vests, instructions and directions. Please bring gloves. In
case of inclement weather, cleanup will be deferred to April 21. For more information, call Kevin Chroninger at 703-406-7749 or visit Stop complaining and take action. We all need the excercise and imagine some of the reaction from your neighbors if they see you. They will thank you over and over again "I saw you on the Boulevard, thank you for helping all of us." If you can only spare an hour, just take one block to work.


The past 2 Sterlingfests were cancelled due to rain. For two years, the Sterlingfest outdoor activities were reduced and brought inside. Now the Sterling Foundation has issued a statement that informs me and the community that unless some volunteers come foreward they will cancell it for this year.

(quote) This year will mark the 20th anniversary of Sterlingfest. How wonderful it would be to make it the biggest and best ever! However, year after year, fewer and fewer people have come forward from the community to help the Sterling
Foundation plan and organize this event. Unless we can get more participation from Sterling residents to volunteer their time and talent to serve on the Sterlingfest committee, Sterlingfest 2007 will not happen, and a long tradition of
celebrating our community on the Saturday before Columbus Day each year will be broken.

I invite those who want to preserve this tradition to join me on Tuesday, March 27, at 7:30 p.m. in the Quinn Room at the Sterling Community Center and take part in giving back to our community. (unquote)

So, its volunteer some time now or Sterlingfest will "not happen". These are some of the most devoted people and they have clearly gotten to the end of their rope.

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