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December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!

I'm sending out this short Christmas Day message in the afternoon. The
stores and government are closed so everybody everywhere is at home in
Sterling with their families or they have left to be with their family.

Only Blockbuster Video, High-Up and Seven-eleven convenience stores are open.

I was up late taking care of last minute Christmas things after the
children went to sleep.

Santa Claus came and visited and left something for all the children and
there are cookies and baked goods galore for everyone while I watch the
oven where a nice ham and roast are waiting their turn at the dinner table,

We all have a lot to be thankful for this Season, no matter what religion
or faith we are.

>>>>Results of DUI Checkpoint Encouraging

Sheriff Steve Simpson told me late yesterday that "A recent DUI checkpoint
on Harry Byrd Highway (Route 7) showed encouraging signs as no one was
arrested for driving under the influence."

Simpson said "This is a sign that the DUI checkpoints have been successful
in encouraging drivers to use better judgment" of the results of the recent
checkpoint. "Drivers are getting the message not to drink and drive",
Simpson added.

The checkpoint, which ran from 10 PM to 1 AM, was held on Route 7 westbound
just prior to Charles Town Pike (Route 9). A total of 397 vehicles passed
through the checkpoint with five drivers being screened. Sheriff Simpson
and the Loudoun chapter of MADD remind you that if you drink, use a
designated driver this holiday season.

>>>>Two Teens Found

Two Sugarland Run teenagers who had been missing since December 13th were
located safe and sound Monday evening in Chesapeake, Virginia.
The two teenagers were picked up by the Chesapeake Police Department and
were discovered during a routine check to have been reported missing from
Loudoun County.

17-year-old Jennifer Walker had left her Sugarland Run residence on foot
over a week ago and Sheriff's Investigators believed she was with her
18-year-old boyfriend who was also missing.The two teenagers have since
been returned home after their discovery yesterday. These posters are
still up in some places, so this is good news.

>>>Christa Rogaliner Still Missing

The Rogaliner family, of Leesburg, issued a statement yesterday: "Thank you
all for continuing to aid us in the search for Christa at this time."

A vigil was organized Monday to pray for the safe return of Christa
Rogaliner. The vigil took place where her car was left, near an
intersection in the Herndon/Reston area. Please join us together with
Christas family and friends, as we show our support and love for Christa.
Please pass this email on to everyone you know that might want to attend
and please bring a candle.

Permission is granted in advance by Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio to forward
this on to your distribution list.

Leesburg Police: 703.771.4500 (Officer Corey Smith and Detective T.F. Butler)

sites: and

>>>Light Unto the Wealth of Nations

Virginia Postrel of the libertarian Reason magazine explains how elaborate
Christmas lighting displays illuminate a strong economy.
Since Sterling is the Christmas light capitol of the world, that would
explain good things:

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