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February 16, 2007

I hope all of you are okay as in "healthy". Most everybody has managed to get out and around as most streets are plowed. Schools have been closed 3 days this week due to several issues that create a lack of safety for children and everybody outside.

Like I said, you can drive anywhere. But this "snowfall" is actually dangerous as it is mostly ice and unless you dug out the first day has now the structure or consistency of concrete.

All over Sterling and all over the entire area on every street there is reduced street area. Lanes have disappeared. Cars parking along the curbs prevent a full restoration and a lack of equipment and other reasons prevent removal of this ice.

Lanes are gone or disappeared on the Beltway, on the major roads turn lanes are gone and more: some roads have piles of ice on them where normal traffic lanes used to be.

This means that if you hit it, fall on it, slide on it or sled on it, you will hurt. Your car or wheels will hurt or crunch or break.

There have been real fractures from children "sledding" on it. Very few sidewalks are being shoveled due to this problem.


Car owners who refuse to remove the hard as ice stuff from their cars are driving around and causing real damage and injuries to other drivers and walkers. State Police and local deputies are citing drivers who refuse to pull the ice off of their cars. They have low visibility driving and are a danger to others.


I have gone to some houses and toured some parking lots pulling the ice off of cars myself. To allow ice to stay on your car and then drive it makes the driver negligent. I have seen enough cars driving around with it to know there are some really stupid people around. When, not if, the ice flys off it is like throwing a concrete block at your windshield when the "ice shield" comes off a hood or roof.


The sun has been out for hours, use an ice pick or chemicals to pick at whatever ice you can get to today where ever it is. On Saturday it will be warmer and use that opportunity to do more ice removal. If you have any salt left, use it to melt ice and then remove after it melts.


As I said, I have been out to remove some ice and snow. It requires a pick. The bobcats are the real workhorses of this storm. They are small, here's a photo if you have not seen one.


As long as sidewalks remain "snow" covered it is not safe. This is really "concrete ice" covered. It just looks like 3 inches of snow, but it is really 3 inches of solid ice.

This is because children need to walk to the school or to walk around the school and most (repeat most) neighborhoods have not removed the ice from their respective sidewalks since they are still dealing with the road!

As I write you, this is the 3rd day and most of the problems have been solved so far and are being worked on, but this is what we are working on today, Saturday and Sunday.


For those of you that have been driving every day and hitting hundreds of bumps in the road due to the ice, make sure you get the wheels checks as most cars have had their wheels knocked out of alignment due this ice on the road. This could cause extra wear and tear on your tires over time and you can correct that easily next week.

>>>Clear Vehicles of Ice

The Sheriff, Steve Simpson, is reminding motorists to clear ice and snow from their vehicles before heading out onto area

The Sheriff's deputies have worked several incidents over the past several days where ice has flown off a vehicle and crashed through the windshield of a trailing motorist. Some of the injuries sustained in the incidents included lacerations from the glass and ice. The ice could also fall onto the roadway causing a traffic hazard for other drivers.

If you have not cleared the ice and snow from your vehicle please take the extra time to scrape the possible projectiles from the roof, hood, trunk, turn signal lights, tail and headlights, windows, mirrors and fenders. Failing to do so will put other motorists in danger.


Please take the time, read Sheriff Simpson's Guide on how to survive snowy conditions below on the road. Heres the link. Thank you.

What do you do in the neighborhood during an "emergency" Winter storm? Find out now.

The Sterling Playmakers had to cancel tonights show, but there should be a showing of YOUR A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon this weekend.

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