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February 19, 2007

There is no school today due to the Holiday. This is day six of the Valentines Day Ice Storm.

Many of you have written reporting unplowed streets and VDOT trucks have been out there plowing the reported streets.

Thank you for those reports. I am sure your many reports to me made a critical difference in hundreds of lives.

This morning I drove the district again and found a dozen unplowed streets or courts and reported them.

The curb lanes and sidewalks are untouched for the most part and I think tomorrows predicted 50 degree warm weather will help with breaking the ice up. Today is sunny so that should help also. "Snow" covers roadways and sidewalks and that is not good.

Most of Sterling has dug out to the street one lane for walking or for their cars to come and go.

In order for children walking to school and waiting for buses, it may be necessary for the schools to be closed another day. In light of this concrete snow (a term that I introduced and the news media is now using to describe this stuff) it is entirely possible school could be closed again. I will let you know when I know.

There is a lot of other safety issues, lower visability due to high concrete snow piles and sliding and bumping and lack of lanes all over, that require me to warn everybody again to watch out on the roads.

Please let me know by return email if there is anyone you know that has not been out yet. I am concerned some people have not been able to get out at all and might need food or other necessity. I am alerting county and state authorities that this is something to be concerned about at this time, day six of this "concrete snow" storm.


Please take the time, read Sheriff Simpson's Guide on how to survive snowy conditions below on the road. Heres the link. Thank you.

What do you do in the neighborhood during an "emergency" Winter storm? Find out now.

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