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Vote On Delgaudio Code of Ethics Today

February 6, 2007

Remember this is just political theater. Today in Leesburg.

Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio announced tonight an early Tuesday morning surprise "FBI"style raid into Loudoun County government facilities to attempt to stop the blatant unethical practices by Chairman Scott York, Supervisors Jim Burton and other co-conspirators.

Leading a squad of Loudoun-based "FBI" staff, Delgaudio will walk into the kitchens and storage areas of the Loudoun County Government building and confiscate boxes of snacks "on behalf of the people of Loudoun County" and will proceed to return the goods to members of the general public in order to "return them to the people."

York Peppermint Patties, Burton's Nuts, Kurtz Cookies, and Waters Wafers will be handed out to symbolize the taxpayer dollars being wasted by feeding Supervisors during their meetings.

Among other actions taken by the "FBI" squad posting "By order of the People, No Supervisor Parking Today" on parking places in the public parking spaces. Supervisors will have to park elsewhere.

Delgaudio will wear an "FBI" hat and an "FBI" sweat shirt all day Tuesday. Delgaudio will not wear any orange hat.

Supervisor Delgaudio will hand out "FBI confiscated snacks" to dramatize the wasting of tax dollars for Supervisor perks, at 9 A.M. in front of the Government Building Tuesday, at 9 A.M. at One Harrison Street, S.E. outside the main lobby in Leesburg, Va.

"I propose a 33 point rules of conduct that includes ending pay for supervisors and eliminating all taxpayer paid for trips, snacks and meals. Chairman Scott York and Supervisor Jim Burton started this practice of perks and they pile up and must stop," said Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling Supervisor.

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