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Christmas Party Invite, etc.

December 6, 2003

Look Out for Blue Vehicle Soliciting Children

I received a report from Sheriff Simpson tonight about an incident on 11/21/03 at 1430 hrs. to 1440 the 60 block of Sugarland Run Rd.

"Sterling Suspicious Event: An unknown Black male subject asked a 7-year-old Sterling female if she wanted to drive with him. A lookout was posted for the subject who is described as being 35-45 years old with gray hair. He was wearing glasses at the time of the incident. The vehicle is described as being blue in color possible two tones with two doors." This is all I have for now.

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's CHRISTMAS PARTY---All Faiths Welcome

You are invited to a Christmas Party on Saturday, December 6th, 2003 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Jimmy G's Restaurant in the Community Plaza Shopping Center, under the Clock Tower on Route 7,in Sterling (opposite Burlington Coat Factory).

I will provide Pizza, salads and soda. This event is limited to the first 100, so RSVP by phone 703-421-4599 or simply hit reply and say in the subject line or comment "MERRY CHRISTMAS EUGENE, RSVP FOR NUMBER ON DEC. 6" .

Christmas Carols will be sung. Any other seasonal hymn or song is welcome and will be sung , so make some copies. Dress:Casual ADMISSION: FREE


All six of the newly elected Republican Supervisors will be sworn in at one location at one time.

That's me, your Sterling Supervisor, Eugene Delgaudio, and Jim Clem, Mick Staton, Steve Snow, Bruce Tulloch and Lori Waters.

You are invited. The Swearing In Ceremony is on Tuesday, December 16, from 5 to 7 p.m. with the actual ceremony at 5:45 p.m. sharp. It will be Lansdown Resort at 44050 Woodbridge Parkway in Landsdowne, Virginia. There will be light refreshments and lots of Republican celebrities.

Hearings to Examine Transit Plan

Should there be rail extended to Dulles Airport at a cost of $6 billion over a ten year period or should bus rapid transit be up and running in 12 months for less at $400 million? That and other questions are discussed in a Washington Post article publicizing a December public hearing sponsored by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Dec. 11 hearing will be held at Farmwell Station Middle School, 44281 Gloucester Pkwy., Ashburn.

Copies of the draft impact statement are available at and at public libraries and community centers throughout the region.

See the Post article at :


Tom Farley, the VDOT District Administrator told me today "In Northern Virginia, we have a $24 million budget for snow removal operations. It is a reasonable budget based on the average amount we have spent on snow removal over the last five years. However, staying within budget requires us to scale back our snow removal operation and the level of service we are used to providing Northern Virginia residents."

This means, as the Loudoun Washington Post reports "VDOT Cuts May Allow Snowfalls to Accumulate Neighborhoods Will Have Longer Waits for Plows". I consider this risky. For example the VDot news release on this subject says "Last winter, VDOT spent $48.6 million on snow preparations and removal in Northern Virginia." There was a heavy snow as we all know,and VDOT did a fantastic job in Sterling removing the large volumne of snow.

But now we must pray for a light winter and make sure we have shovels for our streets and extra provisions because the plow may be an extra day getting to our streets.

see the article today at

>Should HHMC Get $6 million tax cut?

A Constituent wrote me "It's reverse Robinhood. The Howard Hughes Medical Center is asking the Board of Supervisors to raise $6 million per year in extra taxes on the poor and middle-class in order to subsidize a $10 billion operation."

Both County treasurer Roger Zurn and, tonight, the Loudoun County Republican Committee have urged that this is a lot of money for a well-off institution to ask Loudoun taxpayers to pay. Let me know where you stand.

articles or letters on this topic: A Break For Hughes? Massive Research Institute Seeks Local Tax Exemption

Former Chairman candidate Bob Gordon Blasts HHMC proposal

Graffiti removed on Thomas Jefferson Drive

In response to a request from Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, officials with the Virginia Department of Transportation removed graffiti Wednesday from guardrails on Thomas Jefferson Drive in Sterling.

In addition to being a public nuisance, graffiti is also used by gangs to "mark" their territory. Delgaudio is supporting an initiative by Congressman Frank Wolf and Sheriff Steve Simpson to combat gang organizing and violence in northern Virginia.

Sterling citizens who see graffiti in their community are encouraged to call Delgaudio's office at 703-771-5819 to have it removed. If you witness illegal or suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department at 703-777-1021.


Cranes and Bulldozers on Route 7 Working Hard

A Sterling resident asked me what was going on with the construction in the Route 7 median at the Loudoun/Fairfax County line. I saw graders and rollers there, so I told the citizen it appeared to me they were expanding Route 7 or adding a turnlane, but I would check with someone to see what exactly is going on.

The county staff told me: "It is to extend an eastbound turnlane into the northbound road to the shopping center at Cedar Lakes. It is being done by the developer. The permit was issued for the work about two years ago and the developer never performed the work - VDOT recently began pushing them to get it done." Thank you staff.

Thank you to Assistant County Administrator Terrie Laycock and the transportation staff for helping obtain these recent Sterling District improvements.

--- TRAFFIC OBSTRUCTION AT GREENTHORN AVENUE - County staff have been contacted regarding a citizen request for "No Parking" signs on Greenthorn to address the problem of parked cars obstructing the view of driverson Greenthorn. VDOT will take a look at the situation and, if possible, install the signs in the "next few weeks."

--- STOP SIGN AT SILVERLEAF AND TAMARACK - Following an unfortunate hit-and-run accident, Supervisor Delgaudio asked for and obtained a unanimous Board of Supervisors resolution asking VDOT to install a stop sign at the intersection of Silverleaf Drive and Tamarack Lane. VDOT cannot erect the sign until they recieve a letter of approval from the Forest Ridge HOA. Delgaudio has contacted the FRHOA and requested an approval letter go to VDOT so the sign can be installed and prevent future accidents. Citizens should request the homeowners association to consider such a letter at their next meeting.

--- ROUTE 606 IMPROVEMENT, TRAFFIC SWITCH THIS WEEK: The contractor is proceeding with a focus on completing the project by year's end. Pavement is being placed on the northbound side with an anticipated traffic switch this week. During this week paving will be completed, striping placed and signals will become operational.

--- RECREATIONAL ACCESS FUNDS- CLAUDE MOORE PARK TURNLANES : The VDOT District Location and Design Office is making plan revisions based on the comments received as a result of the filed inspection meeting. Staff is hopeful the project will keep on schedule for a 2004 advertisement to begin construction.

--- MULTI-WAY STOP - WILLIAMSBURG AND BUCKINGHAM (6-4-03): Signs are installed.

--- SYNCHRO OF SIGNALS ON ROUTE 7 (10-7-03): The signals are being reviewed for timing synchronization so that back-ups are reduced.

--- SIGNAL AT CHURCH ROAD AND HOLLY AVENUE (VDOT SIGNAL): On schedule for operation in November 2004.


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