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October 28, 2003


In the tradition of Halloween (Friday Oct. 31) , The Great Pumpkin has endorsed my candidacy for re-election.

To help celebrate the season and to publicize this "endorsement", I have been placing giant orange pumpkins on the wooden stakes along with my orange signs. Please look for the orange pumpkin to help celebrate this "endorsement".

Please place your own pumpkin or tape a pumpkin poster on your sign if we do not get to you. Thanks.


Individuals who may support my opponent have torn down the pumpkin posters at dozens of locations several times on the first day of their being placed. This is serial pumpkin poster vandalism.

Look for these anti-Pumpkin zealot(s) to arrive in your neighborhood when pumpkin posters are placed with Delgaudio signs. The anti-pumpkin zealot(s) also visited my own home and tore into a pumpkin poster on my property.

It is a shame that any person would attack an innocent pumpkin poster minding its own business. It is like attacking the simple joy of the Halloween Day approaching.


We need volunteers this weekend distributing my message across Sterling District. Please give us just an hour or two of your time. We're meeting Saturday at 10 am at Jimmy G's Restaurant under the Clocktower opposite the Burlington Coat Factory.

In addition, we need volunteers on Monday for last minute distribution of my true message - especially should our opponent come out with her attacks at the end of the campaign when there's no time to respond.

Please contact me at if you can help at all Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Then we will meet daily at 10 a.m. November 1st, 12 noon, November 2nd and 10 a.m. November 3rd at Jimmy gs, but please write. One person showed up and we were just a few feet away with a giant outdoor project and he did not see us.

On Tuesday November 4, we need volunteers starting at 6:00 A.M. TO 7 P.M. That's Election Day!


There are 5 precincts in Sterling District and we want to have a volunteer out front passing out Delgaudio and Republican sample ballots at every one from 6 am to 7 pm. Can you help us do it? Or, can you help make phone calls on Election Day to remind my supporters to vote! Again, contact me if you can help!


Do you know someone who lives in Sterling District and you'd like to encourage them to vote for me or remind them that Election Day is just around the corner.

This has a big impact. Some people will NOT vote for me based on a lie or misrepresentation. Only you can correct the injustice done to me and my reputation.


Please take a moment to forward this message to anyone you know in Sterling District! And, add a note letting them know that you support me and hope they will too!



An immediate challenge arises in me to seek the Truth when I hear accusations against another, and it makes no difference to me what the accused's faith, race or belief system might be. As a family we took to getting to know Mr. Delgaudio and "who he really is." Had we shut the door on Mr. Delgaudio all these years, had we not taken the time to talk but also to listen, we too would be wallowing today in self-deception, confusion, bitterness and anger.

The questions I have for Mr. Delgaudio's detractors are too many. Just a few have been put forth here. It has been verified that Mr. Delgaudio is a bona-fide, legal home owning resident of the Sterling district. Has his opposition been persecuting hardworking, income-producing, legal residents who are renters? By their own rhetoric, sadly, it appears they are prejudiced against, without differentiation, to all renters.

Mr. Delgaudio has a deep, deep care for all children. He supports every aspect of a high quality education and he understands, as many across the country are coming to realize, that the finest education does not come by spending more tax dollars. How stupid to insinuate that by not having one's children in Loudoun's public schools, parents do not support the public schools.......... Mr. and Mrs. Delgaudio's children are outstanding examples of their excellent parenting and the choices that come with it. This family is one for which our country should be most thankful and very proud.

As for why more has not been accomplished for the Sterling district, that question needs to be posed not to Supervisor Delgaudio who has fought passionately for our causes, but to those members of the board of supervisors who have deliberately cut him off and our representation. We will remember more their disrespect for our supervisor and their overall lack of support for us over more years than Mr. Delgaudio has been here to represent us -- than Mr. Delgaudio's unrelenting fight for us.

A fair election means dealing with the Truth, so let's get on with discovering it. We have little time to make up our minds.

Helena Syska
Sterling Park, VA


Eugene has lived in his Sterling townhouse with his family for as long as I have known him. The fact that he purchased it this summer does not change the fact that he has been living and raising a family in our community ever since he came to Loudoun. If having children in public schools is a rerequisite to representing Sterling on the BOS, Doug Reimel is not qualified for the job.

I met Eugene in 1998 when he came to my door campaigning against the Restaurant Tax. I was very impressed by him as I had not seen a politician going door-to-door since I was a child. He further impressed me with his boundless energy and his unceasing commitment to family and public service. He is an inspiration.

Eugene Delgaudio's record on the Board of Supervisors stands for itself. He has promised to vote to stop tax increases, to improve traffic in the area and to stop forced growth in Sterling. And that is just what he has done.

The projects he has supported have brought millions of dollars in proffers for road improvements and county services that would otherwise be paid for by taxpayers. Additionally, he has alerted citizens of Loudoun to wasteful government spending.

Residents of Sterling have been able to count on Eugene. He attends the local games, yardsales, goes door-to-door and holds weekly community breakfasts to meet with the residents and hear their concerns. .........

The Delgaudio record shows that he keeps his promises. We are lucky to have a representative on the Board of Supervisors with his commitment to our welfare. Sincerely,
Jenelle Offerman

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