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The usual at Jimmy Gs

October 23, 2003

Tonight Thursday, Oct. 23 at 5 p.m. (Thursday) I will be at Jimmy Gs Restaurant if you can make it.

Saturday, Oct. 25, I will be at Jimmy Gs Restaurant at ten a.m. if you can make it. I appreciate some of you coming just to say hi. Or to take some work with you. This Saturday we will provide bagels and coffee as usual . Try it you will like it. Thank you. (Jimmy, warm up the oven)

Hundreds of private homes have signs up and we need more. So if you can provide me the address to install, we will install signs.

Or maybe you can take a street and give them literature. This definitely boosts support for my candidacy.


For trick or treats, please tell me if you would like to give away a plastic bag containing a Delgaudio coloring book and orange brochure. There is a limit on this and we do want to make sure we have some for you. Put your candy inside the clear plastic bag for the children.


We have a limit on special decorations to haunt or "guard" our signs for Halloween. If you place a pumpkin or festive creature next to our signs that would be nice. I do need some of you to volunteer your yard so I can place a special Halloween decoration for the campaign. Let me know if you can let me do that.


The Delgaudio yard signs keep disappearing after being placed in front yards. This is really desperate as there are several houses where this occurs regularly. I have replaced these signs, of course. If you see it, just write down the license plate of the car that does this as it is something that requires documenting. Do not confront the individual as it is a sad enough situation without making it worse.


"Dear Supervisor Delgaudio, On Saturday the 25th of October the County is removing the tree that fell during Isabelle. They have said it will be in the afternoon and will close one side of the street and bring in a crane. Quite impressive.

Thank you for your help on this matter. I was being transferred to just about every office in the County until you came to the rescue."


The Good Shepherd Alliance Walk-in Emergency Homeless Shelters will be featured on Channel 3 TV Loudoun Magazine program.

Thrift Store Manager Bob Foust discusses the grand re-opening on Wednesdays and provides insight about the great variety of items currently being sold and how the proceeds are invested into Good Shepherd's many homeless programs.

Rebecca Compton interviews Executive Director, John Brothers about the many beneficial programs the Good Shepherd Alliance implements, including the new street outreach program. The Good Shepherd Alliance is helping people, one at a time, to take ownership of their lives. Good Shepherd shelters, clothes, feeds and transports homeless people and assists them to obtain better jobs, find affordable housing, receive treatment for their illnesses, and reunite with their families. The Good Shepherd Alliance helps end homelessness for people every day.

Good Shepherd Alliance feature airs on Channel 3's Loudoun Magazine from Friday 10/24 through 11/06.

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Jimmy G's will be the site for our victory party on election night, Tuesday, November 4th, starting at 7:30 p.m. So mark your calendar, you are invited.

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