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Remember Two Great Men

December 17, 2006

I am writing about the gift of freedom and political leadership given to you and me by two great men, Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan. Honoring them will help me fight wrongful policies in Leesburg, Richmond, Washington or anywhere stupidity and socialism rears its ugly head. Help me in this fight. Thank you.

There are liberals who live among us who wish we forget Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman, a nobel peace prize winning economist. They will not silence Reagan or Friedman and I will not allow them to silence our respect and memory of our conservative principles. Thank you.

Please help me keep the memory of two great men alive. I can not do it without you.


The Loudoun County, Virginia Board of Supervisors will on Tuesday, December 19 honor the life and works of free-market economist Milton Friedman by naming his birthday, all subsequent anniversaries, as "Milton Friedman Day" in the county.

I did not know Friedman. I knew his works. I did not have to take a plane or leave town to send a message that Loudoun stands for the free market.

I issued a statement upon Friedman's recent death: "Loudoun County owes its success to the global economy that Friedman helped create," said Sterling District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, sponsor of the resolution. "Without Friedman's lifelong advocacy of greater individual freedom we would never know the quality of life we enjoy in both Loudoun County and United States."

Friedman provided those of us who fight the liberal spending machine the intellectual foundation to fight for lower taxes, less government and greater freedom. Liberals and welfarists and big government enthusiasts hate Friedman.

>>>Wall Street Journal Reports on Loudoun's Milton Friedman Day

A top business journal is reporting on my action to commemorate Milton Friedman, the economist. This is a national audience and it would be a big help if you would post a supportive comment.

>>> Please post a comment at the Wall Street Journal Blog

Please log in a simple comment of support as soon as possible. Just state that its a great idea and that others should follow Loudoun's lead and follow the policies of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and greater freedom espoused by Friedman. Keep it short and remember it is a nationwide audience. Post your short supportive comment at


Ronald Reagan relied on Milton Friedman's writings all his life. As did many other world and even local leaders.

A diminutive man known for his strong-willed and combative style, Mr. Friedman provided the intellectual foundations for the anti-inflation, tax-cutting and antigovernment policies of President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, says the Wall St. Journal.

When Loudoun embraces Friedman, they embrace his record of fiscal excellence and all those who would invest in that thinking in the country and the world. A tribute and more information about Friedman is available at


There are liberals in this country and in this county that love big government, social welfare spending, and "reasonable" tax increases by "intelligent and devoted" government officials (sic). Please state your support for lower taxes, less government and fewer regulations as a way of life where it counts. Thank you (repeating link to comment)

Already one "poster" has made light of the principles all Republicans and elected officials should subscribe to.

New Topic. Brace Yourself.

I walked into the Sterling Post Office and asked for some Ronald Reagan 39 cent stamps several weeks ago. I wanted to make a large purchase of several hundred. There was quite a discussion and no counter person had the stamps. After a half hour wait, someone was able to find them locked in the vault which required special procedures.

There were no Ronald Reagan stamps at the front counter.

Yesterday, I went again to the Sterling Post Office and once again, there were no Ronald Reagan stamps at the front counter. I did get my stamps but there was a wait.

Please help me get the Ronald Reagan 39 cent stamp out of "lock up" and maybe at the front counter. All the postal employees are dedicated and public spirited people so be cordial. I do not know why Reagan is in "the vault".

Let me know if you can go out and buy some Ronald Reagan stamps. Thank you.


Next week, see if you can use some Ronald Reagan 39 cent stamps. Call the Sterling Post Office at 703-444-3163 and ask them to put some Ronald Reagan 39 cent stamps. Go and buy some and use them.

Please be friendly. I am grateful they are still available as they were issued as 37 cent stamps. There are plenty now.

The stamp was re-issued in February of 2006 from its 37 cent rate. There are plenty of stamps at the Sterling Post Office but they are just "locked up in the vault." Here's a photo and story on the stamp.

I provide a link for you youngsters here and ask you to read up on him.

(REPEAT of old news)
>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)
Listen to a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with Eugene Delgaudio, it was down but now it is posted on the home page.

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