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Girl Scouts Singing Carols

December 18, 2006

Earlier tonight the girl scouts were singing Christmas Carols on Juniper in Sterling where every house has Christmas lights up with some nativities also.

Thank you to those of you who have responded my email about the opening the interchange at Route 28 and Sterling Blvd. or to my email promoting Milton Friendman Day. The Wall Street Journal published an online report on my sponsoring of Milton Friedman Day and many of you logged on to support it. I am grateful to those of you who took the time to take action. Thank you.

>>> Please post a comment at the Wall Street Journal Blog

Thank you to the many citizens and friends who have done this already. Defending freedom is always important.

Please log in a simple comment of support as soon as possible. Just state that having a Milton Friedman Day is a great idea and that others should follow Loudoun's lead and follow the policies of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and greater freedom espoused by Friedman. Keep it short and remember it is a nationwide audience. Post your short supportive comment at

>>>>PARK VIEW HS Honor Roll Students GET GIFTS

Today honor roll students at Park View High School and Sterling Middle School recieved gifts from area merchants and letters of recognition from me. Parents and teachers and honor roll students are to be congratulated. Thank you to the companies kicking in to encourage academic success. Look for the letters from Supervisor Delgaudio.

>>Update -- Free Ronald Reagan
>>"Ronald Reagan 39 Stamp is Alive and Well in Sterling"

Many of you gave me a call to say you buy Ronald Reagan postage stamps.

One of you-- a regular and long-time contributor to community well being--- revealed that you ARE a large scale purchaser of Ronald Reagan stamps regularly at the Sterling Post Office.

I have been told by this authentic Reagan Republican that it is standard procedure to keep the Reagan stamps inside a vault and that in order to have enough for all the regular purchasers of Reagan stamps, the post office needs to keep them secure.
In other words: collectors or Reagan stamp buyers routinely order large quanities and the post office safeguards them in a vault at the respective post office.

Ronald Reagan 39 cent stamps are being kept safe and secure and are not locked away from the public. They are available to people who want them but due to the demand must make sure the REGULAR purchasers get them.

>>>No Lock Up of Reagan
Your calls to the Post Office and calls and emails to me have cleared that up completely. Ronald Reagan Stamps are secure and sold using this method of reserving quanties or just ordering them ahead of time. I now know for sure there was a mix up or some misunderstood procedure, entirely on my part.


One smart Sterling American suggested ordering Traditional Christmas Stamps or Reagan stamps online at

Just the Ronald Reagan stamp click on

(REPEAT of old news)
>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)
Listen to a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with Eugene Delgaudio, it was down but now it is posted on the home page.

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