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November 16, 2006


As I have written before, and will write again, the public discussion
process has begun for a Rolling Ridge Sheriff's Substation. This is a
long process which started at my request and direction with a public
meeting some weeks ago. The board of supervisors will consider a
resolution I have drafted asking for a site from surplus school property
in Sterling District on Tuesday. Another public meeting in Sterling
District will be held in January.

In addition to this Sheriff substation egislative policy, I have
requested another legislative policy which follows concerning an urgent
and strongly worded statement or explanation. Once in a while I must
clear the air when Sterling is wronged. And we are being wronged big
time. (Warning: Strong language and bad news follows)

>>>STOP THE Mass Transit Outrage of Sterling.

At 11 A.M. Tuesday, November 21 the board of supervisors will find out
"why" the new $25 million Sterling Boulevard interchange has been
closed by the Governor.

This is an act of political agression which I consider (QUOTE) "Mass
Transit Outrage" (UNQUOTE).

THE NEW Sterling Blvd. intersection is built except for the permit to
open it "officially".The governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, will not issue
the permit to open it.

For six months the community of Sterling Park and the Loudoun County
Board of Supervisors has been led to believe through public statements
and other written documents that the Sterling Boulevard-Route 28
interchange will be opened November 21, six months ahead of schedule.

It is built. Finished. Announcements and notices were posted.

Last Friday, Nov. 10 I was informed that this new functional
intersection would be closed until a study is conducted about a planned
feeder road (Ceder Green Road ) closing.

I responded by working with county staff to find out how this was
accomplished without any consultation of the local government or me who
have all worked on this for many years and funded it through a tax district.


Without consulting me or any other Supervisors or the Route 28 Tax
District which I serve on, memos and and letters on behalf of the
governor and other officials directed the Virginia Department of
Transportation ( VDOT) not to issue any permits to open Sterling
boulevard or to close Cedar Green off.

A letter keeps the new Sterling Boulevard interchange closed
indefinitely due to a letter from the Governor asking for further study
of a long planned Cedar Green Road closing.

I am asking the Board of Supervisors to be formally briefed on this
entire matter at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. This is the strangest report of
government action I have seen EVER.

For seven years, I have been working very hard to get this Sterling
Blvd. interchange built and operating safely for 100,000 daily users.

At the last minute some opportunists are yelling "safety" over emergency
access to a small side road which nobody uses.

I respect good willed or well-intentioned public officials who act
responsibly. If allowed to stand, this closing a new functional and
completed intersection is the transportation crime of the century.

The safety of my constitutents and the safety of Loudoun's citizens is
at risk by this mass transit outrage or aborted Sterling Boulevard opening.

Along with thousands of people in Sterling there are many other
thousands of Loudoun citizens affected by the Governor unilaterally
deciding to study something that requires no further study.

and is operational at this time.

It can be opened after some final construction permits are granted, such
as the shutting off of the traffic light so that a small section of a
ramp can be finished. That's it. You can drive on it today with no

All you have to do is remove the wooden barriers.

I refuse to be complicit in a premeditated reversal of real progress for
the people of Sterling. This is nothing less than a mass transit outrage
and I will consider all options in condemning this immoral sabatoge of a
major transportation improvement.

I will keep you posted after the board of supervisors meeting.


Volunteers are needed to assist each family in selecting their 5-day
allotment of food items and ensuring that they receive a grocery
certificate. Volunteers are also needed to restock shelves and load
food into family vehicles. LINK especially needs people who can give an
hour or two to volunteer as Spanish interpreters. Please ask your peers
and children (8 years and older) to come out and participate in these
very empowering, emotional and gratifying Thanksgiving and Christmas
event experiences.

The Volunteer times at Christ the Redeemer and Trinity Presbyterian for
pre-staging the food distribution event areas follows:

Friday - 9:00 am until finished
DISTRIBUTION DAY: Saturday November 18 (actual event)
November 18 -- LINK Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution; 8 AM - 4 PM;
Trinity Presbyterian Church in Herndon.

November 18 - LINK Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution; 7:30 AM - 9:30
AM and 1:30 PM t0 5:30 PM; Christ the Redeemer Catholic in Sterling.
November 18 - Used Winter Coat Distribution; 8 AM - 3 PM; Sterling
United Methodist Church in Sterling.

>>>Scouts Collect 98,661 Pounds of Food for Poor

On Saturday morning, November 11, 2006, forty Cub Scout packs,
twenty-five Boy Scout troops, and the local Order of the Arrow chapter
collected 98,661 pounds of food in Loudoun County during the annual
Scouting for Food drive. This year, Scouts collected 5,814 pounds of
food for Messiah's Market, 20,680 pounds for LINK, Inc. and 72,167
pounds for the Community Holiday Coalition as shown in the table below.
The weekend's collections resulted in a 6,600 pound increase over our
2005 Scouting for Food totals. Beginning tomorrow, the collected food
will be distributed to Loudoun County residents who are in need of basic
human services.

>>>Sheriff's Office Launches On-line Citizen Survey

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has launched an on-line survey to
determine the citizen's attitudes toward the overall agencies
performance. Loudoun County residents are invited to participate in the
Internet survey from November 16th through December 1st.

If you would like to participate in the survey go to and click on 2006 Citizen Survey.

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