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Happy Day After Thanksgiving

November 24, 2006

Great Day after Thanksgiving. Good luck with shopping.

With this new computer email system, I have figured out how to provide links. Here is a repeat of links from the last email alert which did not "link" for you.

>>>>Discovery Park Plugs and Recognition

(a complete list of DONORS to Discoery Park is here

The playground is built and open to the public. It took $250,000 in cash support and $750,000 in donated volunteer and in kind donations of materials, food and effort. (There is actually a three minute Peter Klosky produced movie "Discovery Park The Movie" of the entire effort-- before the build--- (free download): on the homepage:

Eugene talks about bringing GMU to Loudoun. Eugene talks to TV News 4 about Dulles South and the lost opportunity to bring a George Mason University campus to Loudoun. (4 MB WMV)

>>>>Photo of 2 Swordsmen Versus Delgaudio The Sterling Playmakers get a drop on me as I help them at the Sterlingfest in the community center. Very detailed photo.

>>This photo is funny in the context of York's public beratings of your Sterling Supervisor:
Scott York and Eugene Sully ES. Free.

>>> School Board Versus Board of Supervisors Tug of War (one of many photos)

>>>Other Delgaudio TV News Videos from the past year

Delgaudio on ABC TV national news, FOX TV News, Your World with Neil Cavuto, CSPAN TV network, news conferences and yes, the Ted Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint. (Forget Blockbuster these are free!)

Photo: Delgaudio In U.S. Senator Kennedy's Office (WHAT?)

Photo: Delgaudio greets Senators John Warner and John McCain

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