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October 27, 2006

>>>Hoax Does Disservice to Sterling

I have solved the "crime" of the daylight robbery at McDonalds.

It did not happen. And that is a conclusion I must reach for the benefit =

of Sterling Americans.

On Tuesday, 2 days ago, I recieved an email report of a "daylight=20
robbery" at McDonalds. I immediately asked for a police report at=20
central dispatch. There is no police report of this "daylight robbery"=20
at Mcdonalds.

Daylight robberies are a serious matter and are considered major crime=20
by everybody in Loudoun.

I have checked with authorities several times. There was no report to=20
authorities of any daylight robbery in Sterling at that location this=20
week, last week, or last month. Many months of reports were checked.

The email report was sent to many people and some liberals and others=20
are writing their own emails about it.

As of late today, there is still no police report of what I and=20
authorities agree would be a major crime if it actually happened.

>>>>8,000 Volunteer Hours at Discovery Park
>>>>Miracles happen and they happen in Sterling.

The work crew for this project was the largest work crew assembled in=20
Sterling history. The largest volunteer build required better weather to =

be successful in 7 days. It rained hard for a few days. That slowed them =


Now the project will take an extra week. This is the biggest volunteer=20
project of any kind in Sterling ever. The "price tag" of $250,000 in=20
materials is bought paid and mostly installed.


The 1200 volunteers gave many thousands of hours, some came all week=20
working 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., many worked 12 hour days.

During July, August, September, and October, I estimate about 3000=20
volunteer hours, not counting the build.

For the build, they had about 1200 people show up over the course of 6=20
days (12 hours days). Assuming 66 people there at any given time, that's =

about 800 volunteer hours per day or 4800 for the whole build.

The current dollar amount used for the value of volunteer hours is=20
$20.02/hr. and is based on both state and national
volunteer center standards.

So the estimate for volunteer hours in dollar value is this equation:=20
8000 hours times $20 equals $160,000 in the value of volunteer hours.


Firms loaned trucks, heavy duty equipment, lighting, cranes, bobcats,=20
tools, tents and restaurants donated food and fuel for hundreds each=20
day. This week long effort netted tens of thousands of dollars in other=20


If you have not yet come out to help, this is your chance. This is an=20
amazing project and to be part of it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime=20
experience. Sully Elementary School PTO needs volunteers to come out=20
this weekend, Saturday,
10/28 and Sunday, 10/29, starting 7am. We are very close and just need=20
this final push to finish this unique play structure.

Thanks to all that have helped so far. If you helped us early in the=20
week, come on back. You will be amazed at what it looks like now. If=20
you've been helping regularly, then we know that you've caught the fever =

and want to see it completed. But whatever your involvement, we truly=20
appreciate it. We can all be proud of what we've done for the community. =

Let's finish quickly so that Discovery Park can open and the children=20
can enjoy it.

Valerie writes from the outdoor site:

"Many of us are worn out, having been working for this goal for over a=20
year. Many have made huge sacrifices that no one can imagine or=20
appreciate. It takes all kinds, small and large, short and long, etc. to =

make this happen."

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)

Download a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with=20
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

>>>Burton Returns $2500 to a Donor, Wants To Be "Clean"

Jim Burton was confronted by Ben Weber on TV Channel 3 about a large=20
contribution from a "developer" and Mr. Burton has returned the money=20
and wants the rest of the Supervisors to "straighten up" and reform.=20
This from a fellow who was caught by Ben Weber accepting contributions=20
from developers who he swore he would never accept contributions from.=20
The donor is a large backer of the PEC, serves as a Cabinet Secretary=20
for the current Governor and has contributed heavily to Democratic causes=

This donor has supported the "peidmont environmental council" as a=20
director and loaned millions to large scale developers.
I do not think there is anything wrong with Burton accepting the money.=20
For him to feel bad about receiving support from a rich liberal and=20
expect me to feel bad about donations is ZANY. Its confused thinking.

In my own case, a donation to my re-election will get you a re-elected=20
Eugene Delgaudio. That's all donors to my campaign can be assured of. It =

is wrong to browbeat liberal-- or conservative donors-- for backing a=20
candidate they believe in. And if genuine liberals are truly mad at=20
Burton for returning their money, they should cross out "Jim Burton's"=20
name and put some Republican's name on the check instead (like "Friends=20
of Delgaudio").

articles on this topic:

>>>Good Shepherd Alliance Thrift Store 2nd ANNUAL ANTIQUE AND=20

To benefit the Homeless in Loudoun County FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 2006
Call 703-444-5956 Mary for more info.

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)

Download a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with=20
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

>>>Assault Investigation Leads to Deportation Charges

A search warrant served Friday night on a home on Lyndhurst Court in=20
Sterling has resulted in the apprehension of
six people; all of whom are in the country illegally.

Loudoun Sheriff's investigators along with Special Agents from=20
Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Rosa Dionicio-Augustino,=20
19, and Gilberto Henriquez Hernandez, 23, both of Sterling on local=20
charges. Three other males, one of whom is a teenaged juvenile and=20
another female were also taken into custody on federal charges=20
surrounding their immigration status.

The search warrant stemmed from the Thursday arrest of another resident=20
of the home. Sheriff's Investigators charged Inocente Dionicio-Gama, 27, =

with malicious wounding for his involvement in an October 12th assault=20
that occurred outside of a Sterling Restaurant. Dionicio-Gama allegedly=20
assaulted a 24-year-old man in the early morning hours after
an apparent argument that began inside the Zaaza Restaurant located in=20
the Regal Plaza.

All seven suspects were being held without bond at the Loudoun Adult=20
Detention Center and are awaiting deportation hearings.


Bolling: =93Let me be clear about this =96 there will be no unintended=20
consequences from the passage of this amendment.=94
McDonnell: =93Marriage in Virginia must remain the traditional union of=20
one man and one woman.=94

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Bob McDonnell=20
today joined together in a united show of support for passage of the=20
Marriage Amendment this November.

Speaking at a press conference in Richmond, both statewide officeholders =

urged voters to focus on the central issue at hand: what form should=20
marriage take in Virginia? They also reiterated that there is no legal=20
basis for the claims of a flood of =93unintended consequences=94 raised b=
some amendment opponents.

A flood of editorials and anti-marriage letters from special interest=20
gay lobby spokespeople are in this weeks newspapers. To respond to that=20
look for my postcard mailing next week. You need to make sure your=20
neighbors vote for the Marriage amendment.

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)

Download a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with=20
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

>>>>>Public Input Sought on Sheriff's Substation at Rolling Ridge
Elementary School in Sterling, Wednesday Nov. 1

A public input session on proposed construction of a Loudoun County=20
Sheriff's Office substation next to Rolling Ridge Elementary School will =

be held Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at 6:30 p.m., at the school, which=20
is located at 500 East Frederick Drive in Sterling.

The Board of Supervisors, School Board and Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson=20
will host the session to discuss the proposal to build the facility on a =

parcel adjacent to Rolling Ridge Elementary School and to solicit=20
community input regarding this project.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office staff will present a concept design for=20
the project and invite community input at the November 1 meeting.=20
Persons interested in speaking may sign up the evening of the input=20
session or in advance by contacting Dave Franklin, Sheriff's Office=20
planner, at 571-258-3075.

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