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October 27, 2006

>>>Hoax Does Disservice to Sterling

There no evidence the "crime" of the "reported" daylight robbery at
McDonalds occurred.

It did not happen. And that is a conclusion I must reach for the benefit
of Sterling Americans.

On Tuesday, now 3 days ago, I recieved an email report of a "daylight
robbery" at McDonalds. I immediately asked for a police report at
central dispatch. There is no police report of this "daylight robbery"
at Mcdonalds.

I asked the person sending me the email for routine details or a phone
number to talk to him. Several other citizens working with me attempted
to get simple facts about the "incident".

Several days have gone by and no one sending out emails can authenticate
this "crime".

Daylight robberies are a serious matter and are considered major crime
by everybody in Loudoun.

I have checked with authorities several times. There is no report to
authorities of any daylight robbery in Sterling at that location this
week, last week, or last month. Many months of reports were checked.

The email report was sent to many people and some liberals and others
are writing their own emails about it.

As of late today, there is still no police report of what I and
authorities agree would be a major crime if it actually happened.

For those who hear of a "daylight robbery at McDonalds": there is no
evidence of it.


This false report of a "daylight robberty at McDonalds" is designed to
make Sterling Americans look foolish. Don't fall for it.

I am reminded of athiest Madalyn Murray O Hair and her well documented
abuse of Christians who would recieve (false) reports of her, O'Hair,
taking over the public airwaves. To this day, these false reports
motivate Christians to write the FCC to protest athiest O'Hair's
"Petition to Ban Religious Broadcasting".

Athiest Madalyn Murray O'Hair never petitioned the FCC to ban religious
programming nor was she ever granted a hearing by that regulatory body
to discuss the matter. I spoke to several FCC commissioners at the time.

This hoax has been circulating for 30 years, even now on the internet.
It is not true. Just like "daylight robbery at McDonalds" this past Tuesday.

>>>>8,000 Volunteer Hours at Discovery Park
>>>>Miracles happen and they happen in Sterling.

The work crew for this project was the largest work crew assembled in
Sterling history. The largest volunteer build required better weather to
be successful in 7 days. It rained hard for a few days. That slowed them

Now the project will take an extra week. This is the biggest volunteer
project of any kind in Sterling ever. The "price tag" of $250,000 in
materials is bought paid and mostly installed.


The 1200 volunteers gave many thousands of hours, some came all week
working 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., many worked 12 hour days.

During July, August, September, and October, I estimate about 3000
volunteer hours, not counting the build.

For the build, they had about 1200 people show up over the course of 6
days (12 hours days). Assuming 66 people there at any given time, that's
about 800 volunteer hours per day or 4800 for the whole build.

The current dollar amount used for the value of volunteer hours is
$20.02/hr. and is based on both state and national
volunteer center standards.

So the estimate for volunteer hours in dollar value is this equation:
8000 hours times $20 equals $160,000 in the value of volunteer hours.


Firms loaned trucks, heavy duty equipment, lighting, cranes, bobcats,
tools, tents and restaurants donated food and fuel for hundreds each
day. This week long effort netted tens of thousands of dollars in other


If you have not yet come out to help, this is your chance. This is an
amazing project and to be part of it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime
experience. Sully Elementary School PTO needs volunteers to come out
this weekend, Saturday,
10/28 and Sunday, 10/29, starting 7am. We are very close and just need
this final push to finish this unique play structure.

Thanks to all that have helped so far. If you helped us early in the
week, come on back. You will be amazed at what it looks like now. If
you've been helping regularly, then we know that you've caught the fever
and want to see it completed. But whatever your involvement, we truly
appreciate it. We can all be proud of what we've done for the community.
Let's finish quickly so that Discovery Park can open and the children
can enjoy it.

Valerie writes from the outdoor site:

"Many of us are worn out, having been working for this goal for over a
year. Many have made huge sacrifices that no one can imagine or
appreciate. It takes all kinds, small and large, short and long, etc. to
make this happen."

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)

Download a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

>>>Burton Returns $2500 to a Donor, Wants To Be "Clean"

Jim Burton was confronted by Ben Weber on TV Channel 3 about a large
contribution from a "developer" and Mr. Burton has returned the money
and wants the rest of the Supervisors to "straighten up" and reform.
This from a fellow who was caught by Ben Weber accepting contributions
from developers who he swore he would never accept contributions from.
The donor is a large backer of the PEC, serves as a Cabinet Secretary
for the current Governor and has contributed heavily to Democratic causes=2E

This donor has supported the "peidmont environmental council" as a
director and loaned millions to large scale developers.
I do not think there is anything wrong with Burton accepting the money.
For him to feel bad about receiving support from a rich liberal and
expect me to feel bad about donations is ZANY. Its confused thinking.

In my own case, a donation to my re-election will get you a re-elected
Eugene Delgaudio. That's all donors to my campaign can be assured of. It
is wrong to browbeat liberal-- or conservative donors-- for backing a
candidate they believe in. And if genuine liberals are truly mad at
Burton for returning their money, they should cross out "Jim Burton's"
name and put some Republican's name on the check instead (like "Friends
of Delgaudio").

articles on this topic:

>>>Good Shepherd Alliance Thrift Store 2nd ANNUAL ANTIQUE AND

To benefit the Homeless in Loudoun County FRIDAY OCTOBER 27, 2006
Call 703-444-5956 Mary for more info.

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)

Download a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

>>>Assault Investigation Leads to Deportation Charges

A search warrant served Friday night on a home on Lyndhurst Court in
Sterling has resulted in the apprehension of
six people; all of whom are in the country illegally.

Loudoun Sheriff's investigators along with Special Agents from
Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Rosa Dionicio-Augustino,
19, and Gilberto Henriquez Hernandez, 23, both of Sterling on local
charges. Three other males, one of whom is a teenaged juvenile and
another female were also taken into custody on federal charges
surrounding their immigration status.

The search warrant stemmed from the Thursday arrest of another resident
of the home. Sheriff's Investigators charged Inocente Dionicio-Gama, 27,
with malicious wounding for his involvement in an October 12th assault
that occurred outside of a Sterling Restaurant. Dionicio-Gama allegedly
assaulted a 24-year-old man in the early morning hours after
an apparent argument that began inside the Zaaza Restaurant located in
the Regal Plaza.

All seven suspects were being held without bond at the Loudoun Adult
Detention Center and are awaiting deportation hearings.


Bolling: "Let me be clear about this =96 there will be no unintended
consequences from the passage of this amendment."
McDonnell: "Marriage in Virginia must remain the traditional union of
one man and one woman."

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General Bob McDonnell
today joined together in a united show of support for passage of the
Marriage Amendment this November.

Speaking at a press conference in Richmond, both statewide officeholders
urged voters to focus on the central issue at hand: what form should
marriage take in Virginia? They also reiterated that there is no legal
basis for the claims of a flood of "unintended consequences" raised by
some amendment opponents.

A flood of editorials and anti-marriage letters from special interest
gay lobby spokespeople are in this weeks newspapers. To respond to that
look for my postcard mailing next week. You need to make sure your
neighbors vote for the Marriage amendment.

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)

Download a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

>>>>>Public Input Sought on Sheriff's Substation at Rolling Ridge
Elementary School in Sterling, Wednesday Nov. 1

A public input session on proposed construction of a Loudoun County
Sheriff's Office substation next to Rolling Ridge Elementary School will
be held Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at 6:30 p.m., at the school, which
is located at 500 East Frederick Drive in Sterling.

The Board of Supervisors, School Board and Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson
will host the session to discuss the proposal to build the facility on a
parcel adjacent to Rolling Ridge Elementary School and to solicit
community input regarding this project.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office staff will present a concept design for
the project and invite community input at the November 1 meeting.
Persons interested in speaking may sign up the evening of the input
session or in advance by contacting Dave Franklin, Sheriff's Office
planner, at 571-258-3075.

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