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Outside Forces Swarm

October 2, 2003

There will be a parade on Friday night and a candle light fund raiser on Saturday night. Here are the details

Park View HS will celebrate its homecoming and re-dedication on Friday, October 3. The traditional homecoming parade will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Sterling Middle School. It will travel down the access road, then take a left turn down Laurel Avenue. There will be a marching band and floats. The rededication ceremony will begin at 6:15 p.m. in front of the school and then there will be a tour of the major new renovations over the last 2 years throughout the school. As your Supervisor I worked with School Board member Warren Guerin, and the Chairman of the Board, to achieve this.

Saturday Oct. 4 Light the Night

Leah and Friends would like to invite you to join us in sponsoring our team for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk 2003 to be held in Reston, VA on October 4th. The Light the Night Walk is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's nationwide evening

Carrie Holdcraft, Team Captain for Leah and Friends (703)481-3387 or to join up or donate.

REPEAT OF DR. GOODFRIEND (Director of Health) Warning

"(Incidents of dead birds and evidence of West Nile Virus in some residents) .....does reinforce the importance for all of us of taking key steps to stay safe from West Nile virus infection. Specifically, from now through October, all of us should wear insect repellent when outdoors and make sure the screens on our windows are intact. This is particularly important for those over 50 years of age and those with underlying medical conditions."

Board Meets Monday

The Board of Supervisors will meet Monday October 6 and the monthly public hearing will be held on Tuesday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m. Public Comment is at 9 a.m. for the meeting and 6:30 p.m. for the hearing. The agenda is short for the hearing with an item important to storm water management in Sterling on the agenda.

????Thank You Again ??????

!!!!Yes, Thank You Again!!! I am making a note to thank you all again for being part of the Sterling American network. The last few weeks have been hectic in board meetings, local emergencies and campaign activity. I appreciate the help many of you have given to the community and to my campaign which is in full swing right now.

Hundreds of homes have signs. Donations have been coming in. Expressions of support have been warm. Thank you.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 10 A.M. historic Jimmy G's Restaurant

This Saturday, at 10 a.m. we will again meet at Jimmy G's Restaurant under the Clocktower. Bring a check book and write a check. Or simply eat a bagel with me and drink a cup of coffee. Or take some work home with you.


Now, forces from outside Sterling are swarming like hordes to take away your Sterling Supervisor and replace him with an outsider who supports higher taxes.

Your help can not be underestimated. The other side would very much like to take this seat away from you and hand it to someone who would automatically vote for tax increases, wrongful dark sky ordinances that would outlaw Christmas Lights, density packing for Sterling and other zany ideas. (see the following).



This is a sentence from an earlier email sent to you. "I will not underestimate the amount of money liberals will donate to spread lies and disinformation to Sterling residents. These weird wonks, and my strange opponent, want tax rates of 60 per cent, like France, in order to fund all their 'needed' projects (albino frogs, dark skys, foot free open space,car-less roads, gardens atop roof-tops, mandatory mass transit, density packing of high rises in Eastern Loudoun, etc.) …"

The State Democratic Party has this quote on their website and they state that it can not be true. This action to spotlight a Sterling Supervisor campaign is historic but I know we are all up to the challenge.

There are 100 House of Delegate Races, 40 Senate Races, but the Sterling Supervisor race is now ahead of them all.


The truth is that the official Democratic candidate for Chairman has backed down and no longer supports "purchase of developement rights". Now the Democratic Party of Virginia attacks Eugene Delgaudio for opposing "foot free open space" which is the product of these "pdrs."

This is worse than spreading falsehood.

The state democratic party and their local candidates go complete circle and blame the primary critic of being wrong about "food free open spaces" while saying they do not support it!

This is like the whistleblower being blamed for the crime. Or like the police officer getting the speeding ticket for catching a speeder.

The current Democratic Party dominated board, chaired by Democrat friend Scott York, increased taxes by allowing increasing assessments that doubled the AMOUNT of dollars collected to be squandered.

The current board majority also gave $38,000 to the albino frogs in Leesburg, Va. , considered lighting ordinances that would worship the dark sky, make certain light fixtures illegal, and destroy Christmas lights.


The current board sponsored Supervisor Mark Herring to a trip to Germany where he lauded, saluted and hailed before a special public meeting of the entire Board of Supervisors his embrace of "car-less" cities as appropriate for Leesburg and Loudoun. At the same meeting, Mark Herring hailed gardens being placed atop commercial buildings and, indeed, attempted (and failed) to convince at least one company from building a roof top company on their roof. It would simply cut the life of the roof in half and double the cost of construction.


It was Supervisor Jim Burton who declared "we must get people out of their cars" at a meeting discussing his desire to reduce (REDUCE) the number of parking places at shopping malls or business parks.

As far as density packing, the entire general plan and ordinances are full of it and the vote to place 6,000 units at one high density location is enough to make anyone take note.

Defeat The Entire Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party of Virginia did not do its research or actually condemns the current board's policies. More likely, they are covering up the crimes of the current board and hope the people of Sterling and Loudoun swallow their lies and subsequently do not make the current board accountable. The Democratic Party Attack on Sterling is a call to arms to all seekers of the truth to arm themselves against this invasion from outside Sterling. Tell the Democratic party of Virginia to stay out of Sterling by working for my re-election today.


The webmaster, Jim Huber, has graciously posted some photographs on the website. Thank you Jim. check

I am personally digging up Church Road to clear the way for a new interchange. check

I am cheered by 100 supporters at a successful campaign kickoff, Treasurer (Republican) Roger Zurn and am confronted with "dark forces" greeting guests. check

Senator William Mims (Republican) joins me in raising money for the Salvation Army

Babies R Us grand opening where there are babies, of course.

A whole lot of new photos from the campaign, including pictures with Santa, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Congressman Wolf and Senator George Allen.

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