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October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween to everybody. The weather is beautiful and this will be
a tremendous time tonight for all of Sterling. Be careful out there and
make sure you have a flash light and plenty of candy for the small children.

>>>Discovery Park
The volunteers are still working daily after 5 p.m. and through Saturday
and Sunday and they are mostly finished.

>>>Kisses and Hugs for the Family

If you would like some chocolate hugs and kisses to hand out tonight,
please give me a call at 703-421-4599 or email me at .

Each see through plastic bag contains candies and a message on a card
urging a vote for the Marriage amendment on next Tuesday's Election Day
ballot. The card reads "Hugs and Kisses for the family. Vote Yes for
Traditional Marriage Tuesday November 7"

>>> AG MCDONNELL, LG BOLLING and Sup Delgaudio On Marriage

Both Statewide elected officials are out there urging a vote for the
Marriage Amendment in postcard mailings and radio advertisement efforts.
Look for my own postcard in the mail asking for a vote for the Marriage
Amendment. TO HEAR Bolling radio message, visit


The postcard I sent you should arrive today or tommorow. Make sure your
neighbor knows how important this vote is. The anti-marriage forces in
the new media have lined up big time with the special interests and
liberal Judges to dismantle traditional marriage. Full page editorials
condemning traditional marriage have poured forth in Loudoun County.

Don't let them fool you with the dominating volumn, saturation and

A few elected officials like Bill Bolling, Attorney General Bob
McDonnell, and your Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio have come
forward and let you know where we stand. MANY elected officials are
silent on the topic.

MANY public officials are taking the cautious path and staying silent.

Liberal Judges, The Democratic party, liberal elements in the giant news
and entertainment media, local Democratic Party elected officials, well
funded same sex zealots-- all work against the marriage amendment. Wall
to wall advertisements condemning tradtional marriage barrage us from
every direction.

You know you need a constitutional amendment. You know that your vote
will make a difference here in Virginia and in the country. You know
that takes the sacrifice of going and voting.


Besides liberal judges to worry about if you are pro-traditional
marriage you might lose your job like Luis Padilla did.

Weeks ago, Luis Padilla was fired by Cargill in Harrisonburg because of
the pro-marriage sign on his truck. Read the ABC affiliate WHSV TV News,
Channel 3 account (report and video)in Harrisonburg.

For a month pro-marriage groups fought for Luis Padilla. Today I have
learned Cargill has restored his back pay and his job. Firings like this
could become commonplace if you and I do not vote to protect marriage.

As shown in the recent New Jersey court decision just last week, passing
a marriage amendment is your only protection against Democratic Party
appointed Liberal judges.

>>> McDonalds on the North End, by Dranesville Road and Route 7

A lot does go on in Sterling. The Loudoun Sheriff's Office is currently
seeking information on a missing juvenile who is believed to have been
taken against her will by her boyfriend.

The missing teen, Glendy Liseth Bowman, 17, was at the McDonald=92s
restaurant in the Sterling TownCenter (Dranesville Road and Route 7)with
several friends on early Sunday evening when her boyfriend, Joseph
Antonio Aguilar arrived. According to witnesses Glendy was assaulted by
her boyfriend. (Note there are two McDonalds in Sterling Park).


The witnesses believe Aguilar then took Glendy against her will from the
scene in a dark colored Toyota Echo bearing Virginia registration JGR-5789.

Here's posted official report and PHOTOS of the suspect and girl.
Sheriff=92s Office Searches for Missing/Endangered Teen

>>>Two Teens Found Guilty in Series of Drive-By Shootings

Two Teens charged as adults pleaded guilty in Loudoun Circuit Court
Friday to charges stemming from a series of drive-by shootings this summer.

Eric Pang, 16, and Israel Trevilla, 17, were found guilty of malicious
wounding, five counts of shooting into an occupied dwelling and one
count of arson.

For full report go to:

>>>>>Public Input Sought on Sheriff's Substation at Rolling Ridge
>>>>Elementary School in Sterling, Wednesday Nov. 1

A public input session on proposed construction of a Loudoun County
Sheriff's Office substation next to Rolling Ridge Elementary School will
be held Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at 6:30 p.m., at the school, which
is located at 500 East Frederick Drive in Sterling.

Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, School Board and Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson
will host the session to discuss the proposal to build the facility on a
parcel adjacent to Rolling Ridge Elementary School and to solicit
community input regarding this project.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office staff will present a concept design for
the project and invite community input at the November 1 meeting.
Persons interested in speaking may sign up the evening of the input
session or in advance by contacting Dave Franklin, Sheriff's Office
planner, at 571-258-3075.

for more information:


Sterling and Loudoun must work to keep the Tenth Congressional District
Gang Task Force started by Republican Congressman Frank Wolf funded.
This has made a critical difference in this effort to bring federal
forces to bear on
a interstate and international criminal element loose in Sterling.
Congressman Frank Wolf started this Gang Task Force 2 years ago and it
is making possible the cooperation we are seeing today with federal
agents of several law enforcement agencies.


Have you seen this photo? RARE photo of liberal Scott York and
conservative Eugene Delgaudio.
It was lask week at Sully ES. Free. No charge.

>>>WAGE Radio Interview with Supervisor Delgaudio (MP3)
Listen to a short five minute interview on Leesburg Radio Station with
Eugene Delgaudio, posted on the home page.

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