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Some Roads Closed

September 23, 2003

Thank you to those of you who are helping me with encouragement and service to the community during the hurricanes, storms and the floods.

I handed out water bottles all day Saturday and looked for a lost cat on Sunday night.

There is a lot of information I am sending out as I get to it and I am attending business meetings of the board as well. This is a busy time so I will get to some of your important letters and inquiries and requests soon. Please be patient.


Last meeting, I got the unanimous support of the board to have a stop sign placed at Silverleaf and Tamarack in Forest Ridge. Yesterday morning, I moved and the the Route 28 Tax District (comprised of 4 Fairfax and 4 Loudoun Supervisors) voted unanimously to support our respective county attornies objecting to a $7 million "add on" to costs to the Route 28 project, added by VDOT for administrative help.

Last night, I told the joint Finance and Transportation Committees that Loudoun taxpayers want more roads, not bike paths and that if bikers want more paths, they should pay for it with a private public partnership like Route 28. All the other Supervisors lamented a "lack of funds" but added it to the Christmas list of "needed projects."

Last night, I moved and the Transportation adopted unanimously action to construct a short sidewalk connecting Sterling Blvd. to North Amelia along Church road, for children to get to Sterling Elementary School.

Last night, I moved and the Transportation Committee adopted a request to staff to prepare for board action a proposal for special parking districts which could help the area around Park View H.S. with crowding from outside non-residents.

* MULTI-WAY STOP SIGNS: VDOT approved a multi-way stop at Williamsburg Road and Buckingham Road. It should be installed in three weeks.

* SIGNAL AT CHURCH & HOLLY: On schedule for operation in November, 2004.

* CLAUDE MOORE PARK TURNLANES: Field inspection was scheduled for Sept 18. Jim Vincent from Parks and Recreation is the County's project manager and will coordinate with VDOT staff on the environmental, right of way and utility relocation work.

See You Saturday?

Yes, This Saturday, September 27.

As usual, Jimmy Gs Restaurant is enthuiastically hosting us this Saturday at 10 a.m. for our weekly meeting. Many elected officials (Tom Rust, Gary Clemens, Tom Reed, Steve Simpson, Bob Gordon) have joined volunteer firemen, deputies, rescue and other service workers to meet there too. There is plenty of work to do, so don't feel like there is nothing for you to do. Yes, we can give you work to go. We do need work done Saturday and that is our first priority.


Pick up a sign for your house. That will save us a trip. Thank you to those of you who have done that. It is a big help. This grassroots effort is the foundation of our campaign. We're going to win this one not with fancy mailings, but with lit drops and yard signs and neighbor to neighbor persuasion.


At the present time there are 24 roadways closed in Loudoun County including Lawson Road, Route 15 North at Limestone Branch, Gleedsville Road, Rt. 50 at Little River, Rt 15 South at Lime Kiln, Foxcroft Road at Goose Creek, Tail Race at Route 50, Snickersville Turnpike at Hibbs Road, Route 690 at Snikersville Turnpike, Rt 15 South at Cobb House Road, Rt 50 at Cobb House Road, Welbourne Road- East of Willisville, Loudoun County Parkway between Route 7 and Waxpool Road, Cornerback Road at Armstead, Aldie Dam Road, Watermill Road, Route 611 between Turkey Roost & Unison, Route 15 South at Goose Creek Bridge, Spinks Ferry Road at Lost Corner Road, Route 15 between Route 621 and Gilbert's Corner, Watson Road and Evergreen Mill Road, Clover Hill Road & Old Wheatland Road, Snickersville Turnpike & St Louis Road.


Retired Fire Chief James Kiser blows the doors off of the current liberal dominated board and defends Sterling proper at the same time in a published letter. THANK YOU CHIEF.

".....The present county board with the exception of Delgaudio and Hiatt have sent county expenditures through the roof. Warren Guerin has done his part to keep school spending under control.

"...You have to decide if a county bus service, a county work force of over 9,800 employees, a school superintendent who has received raises of over 40% in the last two, a school board building costing more than 27 million and 9 million dollar subsidies for 8 landowners are the way you want your money spent then vote for York and those who support him. If you think there are better ways to run the county, then consider Gordon, Delgaudio and Guerin," SAYS KISER.


In a letter to the newspapers, former GOP Chairman Bobby Baker says, in part, "As a long time resident of Sterling Park, having moved here in 1967, I have seen many Supervisors come and go. Eugene has been the most dedicated supervisor we have had. He is the only candidate that can fully represent Sterling Park as our Supervisor." THANK YOU BOBBY.

Citizens for Property Rights annual event September 27, 2003

It will be this Saturday, September 27, from 4pm till 6pm at the Dawson's Buffalo Farm, in Chantilly. The Buffalo Farm is the site of dozens of rallies for conservative causes with thousands in attendence over the years. Thanks to the Dawsons again for helping CPR.

This year CPR will have Dr. Stephen Fuller's team presenting the three studies they have just completed. At the event you will be able to purchase complete copies of the reports. If you would like to respond via email you should email your response to Jack Shockey, President Citizens for Property Rights at or call Jack Shockey 540-338-4206.

Down 50 west and go south on Gum springs (rt 659) for 4 miles it will be on the left. Price is $15 min for individual and $25 for a couple $35 for a family. CPR is not a pac and does not endorse candidates, contrary to what Bob Anderson thinks and thanks to a court decision stating the same.


Two juveniles were arrested last night after a verbal altercation turned into road rage in Sterling. Investigators say the incident appears to involve two rival gangs. The two groups of juveniles exchanged words Sunday afternoon at the Sterling Park Mall. Both groups then left the area in separate vehicles and the altercation continued on the streets of Sterling Park.

In the area of Staunton Avenue the driver of one of the vehicles, occupied by three other White juveniles, brandished a handgun. The second vehicle, occupied by three Hispanic males, threw a baseball bat at the window of their car. Again the two groups left the area.

A short time later some of the White juveniles returned to the area of Staunton Avenue and damaged a vehicle owned by one of the Hispanic males.

A 17-year-old from Ashburn and a 17-year-old passenger in his vehicle have been identified and have both been charged in the incident. The two are currently being held at the Juvenile Detention Center.

The driver has been charged with Brandishing of a Firearm, two counts of Possession of a Concealed Weapon, Possession of a Firearm Underage and Grand Larceny. The passenger, who is from Sterling, has been charged with Felony Destruction of Property. The case remains under investigation and further charges are pending. If you have any information regarding this case you are asked to contact Investigator Craig of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 703-777-0475.

Boil Water Notice Lifted for Eastern Loudoun County

In case you did not know: on Sunday, September 21, 2003, at 7 p.m. the Virginia Department of Health confirmed that sampling conducted by LCSA verifies that the drinking water is safe for drinking and cooking. It is no longer necessary for LCSA customers to boil their water for use. LCSA customers are residents of Eastern Loudoun County, located east of Route 659, excluding the Town of Leesburg. This includes residents of Ashburn, Sterling, Lansdowne, Countryside, Belmont, Broadlands, Brambleton and South Riding.


VDOT & Agencies Develop Traffic Plan

In response to the closing of numerous area roads due to flooding in and around Loudoun County members of the Sheriff's Office, the Leesburg Police Department and representatives from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have developed a traffic plan for the afternoon rush hour.

One of the areas most heavily effected by the flooding is a portion of James Monroe Highway (Route 15) south of Leesburg. As of 3 PM Route 15 south remains closed at the Leesburg bypass. Motorists who wish to travel south on Route 15 will take the following detour. Traffic will be redirected east onto Route 7, then right onto Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) south. Drivers will follow Route 659 to John Mosby Highway (Route 50) where they will take Route 50 west to Route 15. At this point commuters will be able to once again continue traveling south on Route 15. Those traveling north on Route 15 from Prince William County willtake the same detour in the opposite direction.

Currently Route 7 is open throughout the entire county and Route 15 north of Leesburg to Point of Rocks, MD also remains open at this time.

As of 3 PM a number of roadways remain closed in Loudoun including Lawson Road, Route 15 north at Limestone Branch, Gleedsville Road, Rt. 15 South at Lime Kiln, Foxcroft Road at Goose Creek, Tail Race Road at Rt. 50, Snickersville Turnpike at Hibbs Bridge (Watermill Road), Rt. 690 – South of Snickersville, Welbourne Road – East of Willisville, Loudoun County Parkway between Route 7 and Waxpool Road, Crenshaw Road at Armistead Drive, Aldie Dam Road, Champe Ford Road (Rt. 629) at Rt. 50, Rt. 611 between Turkey Roost & Unison, 15 South at Goose Creek Bridge, Spinks Ferry Road at Lost Corner Road, Rt. 15 between Virt's Corner/Evergreen Mill Road & Gilbert's Corner, Watson Road at Evergreen Mill Road (Rt. 621), Snickersville Turnpike – West of St.Louis Road, 36789 Snickersville Turnpike (May be included in one of the above).

don't drive through standing water

Public Safety Officials remind drivers that if you find yourself driving in potential flash flood conditions, do not drive through standing water as the water may be much deeper than you think causing your car to stall or even get stuck in hidden debris.

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