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Driving Safety Tips for Hurricane

September 17, 2003

Sheriff Steve Simpson and Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio are advising motorists to use caution while driving during or after flooding. Please try not to drive at all, but if you have to drive, follow these rules.

Do not travel unless absolutely necessary. If you do have to make the trip, ensure someone is aware of your route of travel.

  • Carry a cellular phone.
  • Always buckle-up. Your seat belt can be the best protection against drivers who are tense and in a hurry because of weather conditions.
  • Don't try to out-drive the conditions. Speed limits are for dry pavement.
  • Know road conditions. For statewide highway information 24-hours-a-day, call the Highway Helpline at 1-800-367-ROAD.
  • Use brakes carefully. Brake early. Brake correctly. It takes more time to stop in adverse conditions.
  • Don't use your cruise control in adverse road conditions. Even roads that appear clear can have sudden slippery spots and the touch of your brakes can deactivate the cruise control feature causing you to lose control of the car.

Safety tips from the Governor of Virginia

  • Prepare for bad weather and possible power outages by gathering needed supplies and staying tuned to media and weather reports.
  • Remain indoors and stay away from windows and glass doors when heavy winds approach your area.

West Nile Virus Update

Yesterday, Dr. Goodfrend, the director of Health, told me a resident from western Loudoun County tested positive for West Nile virus at our state lab. The patient did not belong to any group at high risk for severe infection (over 50 years of age or underlying medical condition) and was initially hospitalized but has been discharged and continues to improve at home. This is the first confirmed probable case in Loudoun County this year.

Importantly, this does not mean that residents of western Loudoun County are at any greater risk of getting West Nile than anyone else in the Washington Capital Region. We will, though, be investigating around the patient's residence to make sure that there is no additional risk of contracting West Nile infection in that community.

It does reinforce the importance for all of us of taking key steps to stay safe from West Nile virus infection. Specifically, from now through October, all of us should wear insect repellent when outdoors and make sure the screens on our windows are intact. This is particularly important for those over 50 years of age and those with underlying medical conditions.

Light The Night Oct. 4th

Leah and Friends would like to invite you to join us in sponsoring our team for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk 2003 to be held in Reston, VA on October 4th . Call Carrie Holdcraft, Team Captain for Leah and Friends (703)481-3387 or


There is a yard sale planned for Briar Patch Park this Saturday. And yes I need your help as always at 10 a.m. at Jimmy G.'s Restaurant at 10 a.m. You can be very surprised to see who shows up at our breakfast any Saturday. Even my opponent has joined me. Thank you.

Back To School Nights A Success

We are handing out coloring books and school surveys at back to school nights and they are very well recieved. Thank you to Donny, Dan and Jim for helping to hand them out.

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