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September 18, 2003

Friends of Delgaudio Remove Delgaudio Signs

Today Friends of Delgaudio volunteers removed 200 of their own signs from Sterling in preparation for Hurricane Isabel.

Neighbors received a special Supervisor letter on how to prepare for the storm and information about available shelters in case of an emergency. And extra supplies of coloring books and crayons.

After Hurricane Isabel passes, we will ask you to put the signs back up. Please help us by responding to our mail appeals and our emails and giving us the home address to place a sign.

Ask a neighbor to put up a sign, use the storm as a good conversation piece. We have a lot of work to do, but it could be worse.


Please write down the license plate, state and description of the car and driver of the person or persons taking Delgaudio signs down without authority. If you own a digital camera, we will post any photographs of poster thieves. Do not take action on your own. The person that would steal Delgaudio signs is desperate and we will leave it to the authorities.

Bonus Use of Supervisor Whistle

If you already have one, please use one of 2000 special whistles distributed to alert your parents or authorities if you are trapped in a car, collapsed building or blocked passageways due to damage from the storm.

Stores Stock Depeted

Shoppers Food Wharehouse has no more water, little milk and no bread. Food Lion is low on bread, has milk and is low on water. Giant is getting low on water, milk and bread. Safeway has some milk, no bread and some water. Tell me any other reports if you can.

Emergency Shelters in Loudoun and Fairfax

If you need it, emergency shelter has been set up at Dominion High School, Heritage HS (Leesburg ) and Loudoun Valley HS (Purcellville) in Loudoun County.

Dominion HS is located in Sterling at 21326 Augusta Drive Sterling, VA 20164 PH: (703) 444-8025. This is the new high school located north of Leesburg Pike. The Dry Clean Depot is a landmark for Augusta Drive.

The shelters are open now and are run by the American Red Cross, and food is available. One million Virginians and N. Carolinians are out of power at present.

Retired Fire Chief Warns Sterling: POSSIBLE FLOODING IN THIS AREA

Supervisor Delgaudio's Hurricane tips got a very important response from the top emergency official in Sterling, Jim Kiser,a retired Sterling Fire Chief.

Chief Kiser warns us about driving and certain low lying areas of Sterling and I am including his entire remarks as he wrote them to me, as follows:

" People should not attempt to drive through water over any bridges nor through water that will reach the bottom of the vehicle.

Water that hits the bottom or sides of the vehicle can rapidly move a vehicle off the road in several minutes. If unsure of the depth of the water use bushes along road to gauge depth. If you are at all unsure of depth,don't attempt it!

Some flood points from (Hurricanes ) Camille and Agnes - Old Ox rd. and the Cedar Green Rd. area, Shaw Road by Dominion Elec., Cascades Parkway and Church Road area., the creek between the Claude Moore sports entrance and Woodland Road, the bridge on rt 7 at Dranesville rd., the bridge in Richland acres over Sugarland creek.

I believe that is Thomas ave. Broad run drive and Youngscliff rd., end of Persimmon Drive in broad run, Greenthorn and Poplar rd., Church Road east and the Oak lane area may quickly flood. We have had to get people out of cars there.The creeks in Sterling Park at Poplar rd and Maple will run high and be very dangerous keep the kids out, these two creeks run to Church rd. the creek from the middle school will also run high behind Holly ave.

Also the creek down by Johnson and Kennedy could be high and dangerous.this creek runs all the way to Church rd. east.Also the two small creeks in Forest Ridge by Lincoln and Crestview may flood. " (end of quote from Retired Chief Kiser).


Try to remember where you put things and put them where you can find them easily. Cook in advance as feasible. Candles are cheap but keep an eye on them. Ask me for help. My phone is 703-421-4599. Check in on your neighbors if you need help or ask if they are okay also. Print out this message so you can have it for later.

Rev. Grant Leads Service for Baby Hope

2 PM Monday September 22nd
Sterling Cemetery.

Members of the Sheriff's Office and the community have joined together to ensure a newborn girl who was abandoned in Sugarland Run in August will receive a proper burial and a proper name.

Members of the Sheriff's Office named the baby Hope believing the name represents the hope that all future birthing Mothers know that there is always hope and help from the Loudoun community.

The community response to Baby Hope shows there are many people out there who care and who will help scared Mothers-to-be who feel desperate or abandoned.

An outpouring of support from local businesses and members of the community has allowed for Hope to receive a proper burial.

The Reverend Charlie Grant will conduct a graveside service for the newborn girl who was found abandoned near a creek bed in Sugarland Run back on August 30th.

The Sterling Funeral Home donated a casket and C.P. Fletcher donated a burial plot in the Sterling Cemetery. A caring member of the community, who asked to remain anonymous, handmade a gown for the memorial service that will be worn by the baby girl.

The funeral will be held at 2 PM Monday September 22nd at the Sterling Cemetery.


Randy Minchew, Loudoun County Republican Chairman just told me that the Washington Post Ombudsman in coordination with the newspaper's Political Editorial Chief reviewed the letters filed by the Republican Committee and Chairman of the Loudoun Electoral Board Karen Pearson and has directed that the parenthetical "(I)" or "(I At-Large)" be used after the names of Scott York and Bob Anderson when reference is made to these two candidates in the Post. Randy feels The Post,never one to affirmatively assist Republicans, agreed that there was indeed an increased likelihood of voter confusion if the "(R)" parenthetical was used after the names of these two former Republicans now running as Independents. To this end, Randy appreciates that the Post took heed of the Republican complaint and acted appropriately.

Delegate Tom Rust told me....

.......about these Public information sources - general hurricane information

· Virginia Public Inquiry Center 1-866-880-4280- general hurricane preparation and information hotline set up by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management

· - road conditions· Highway Helpline 1-800-367-ROAD - road condition information

School Officials In Fairfax Attack Republican Senator Ken Cuccinelli

This could happen here if we do nothing about Democratic domination in the government and in the schools. Republican Senator Cuccincelli, a supporter of my re-election, told me last week ,

(quoting directly )"at Centre Ridge Elementary School (in Fairfax) , a number of children were given sealed envelopes to take home to their parents. These "Tuesday Envelopes" usually contain homework and other such things. This week there was a special surprise, campaign literature for the Democratic ticket, including all of the Dems' school board candidates, soil and water board (a.k.a., the mudball commission) candidates, and good ol' Gerry Connolly (Dem. Candidate for Chairman). So the Fairfax County Public Schools are sending Democrat campaign literature home with children in their school packets, making it look like the Democrats have the imprimatur of Domenech and the Schools. " (unquote from Senator Cuccinelli).

Patti Morrissey Calls Republicans

Delegate Richard Black's opponent is calling Republicans.

Somehow, Patti has gotten hold of the Loudoun County Republican Committee list and is calling LCRC members to mislead Republicans about my record on education. The bills Patti sites in her attacks failed in Black's committee in a bipartisan vote because they sought to take away local control of education and cost taxpayers an additional $675 million a year. Similar legislation was defeated by Delegate Joe May and the Appropriations committee by a vote of 24 to 1. I recommend listening to Patti for as long as she wants to talk. It will be less time for her to victimize others.


Supervisor Delgaudio's opponent is eating breakfast with me and visting my friends. Get a bag out.

Rather than respect simple courtesies, my Democratic opponent visited us at our breakfast.

Like the current board of supervisors, his policies make me sick. He also visited with supporters who have yard signs. The best response to my opponent is to make sure your Sterling Supervisor wins re-election. If he comes, please be courteous and listen patiently to his message and ask him any questions you wish. He has plenty of money from Dupont Circle and Western Loudoun. Please put a Delgaudio sign up today if you do not have one. It will keep my opponent busy. I will visit to install the sign. Thank you.


A supporter visting me at home tonight asked, ARE YOU HAVING AN EVENT SOON?" I said yes, every Saturday, the Friends of Delgaudio gather at the Jimmy G's restaurant under the Clocktower at Leesburg Pike opposite the Burlington Coat Factory at ten a.m. This Saturday September 20, we will once again sponsor a bagels and coffee breafast! Be there.


There will be a yard sale at Briar Patch this Saturday.

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