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287 G 2nd edition

October 16, 2006

Thank you for the help you give me as I take action or report to you prior to my many
actions, and what results I obtain as a result of these actions.

Send a short note to the other Supervisors at to tell them your opinion
on asking the Sheriff to deport alien criminals already in our custody.

One small jail facility in an average sized city in North Carolina is sending felons
back to 18 different countries. Some of the felons are being returned to prisons in
their home countries that they escaped.

Thank you again.

Today I think it would be helpful to provide you with a short summary of how I have
discussed this deportation of illegal criminal aliens-- already in custody-- with
Sheriff Steve Simpson and county staff.

I started this discussion in Loudoun a month ago. But newspapers have been filled with
the reports on Herndon's action to enroll in 287 G since Labor Day 2 months ago.

Unlike other Northern Virginia counties, we do not have a police force where orders are
given from a political unit or "boss". The Sheriff is a constitutional office
independent of any direct influence. We budget and authorize expenditures. The Board of
Supervisors does not tell or order the Sheriff around.

Actually, you, the citizens, are the Sheriff's boss so if you write the,
the sups will pass on your support for this legislation to the sheriff. You can make a


Here is what I told Steve Simpson: "given the problem of gang crime in our area, and
their habit of preying on, and recruiting from, illegal aliens, proactive steps must be
taken to curb illegal alien activity in Loudoun County.

... the recent arrest in Ashburn of Juan Elias Rodriguez-Luna, an alleged MS-13 gang
member and escaped murderer from an El Salvadoran prison, gives me concern that other
foreign criminals may be seeking, or will seek, refuge in our community.

While immigration officials were aware he was in the area, I am concerned about the
arrestees whose background we are not aware of.

That is why my office has reviewed the memo prepared by Col. Summers, (of
Herndon)looking for an effective, cost-efficient way to work with the Department of
Homeland Security in identifying criminals who are in this county illegally.

I propose a model (like Herndon's) allowing participation in the program, at a
reasonable cost, without distracting your hard-working deputies from their essential duties.

Rather than have hundreds of field deputies to travel to Georgia, or attend training
elsewhere, I propose your department mandate 287(g) authority training only for the few,
eligible, personnel who process arrestees at the Adult Detention Center.

The Arizona Department of Corrections, and Los Angeles and San Bernadino counties in
California, have adopted this focused and cost-effective model.

This would not pull field deputies from protecting the day-to-day quality of life issues
of the community they serve or cost taxpayers an outrageous sum.........

I also suspect transferring undocumented arrestees out of Loudoun County's detention
system may eventually recover some, if not all, of the costs of investing in the
program." (end of excerpt)

>>>Frank Wolf Debate Tuesday Night.

Congressman Frank Wolf is laying out his ideas as your U.S. Rep. Join him at a "debate"
at the Hyatt Dulles, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

There is live entertainment as 3 opponents make critical noises.

Get there 7 p.m. to find a seat. Its right Off of Route 28, south of the Toll Road by a
mile. Go down 28 south left on frying pan road, and then go back up to the Toll Road.
The Dulles Hyatt can be seen for miles right in the corner of Rt. 28 and the Dulles Toll


Yesterday, 10/15/06 at 3 a.m. in the morning, near Sherwood Ct. and Greenthorn Ave. in
Sterling. There was a Driving While Intoxicated Pursuit by a deputy.

A deputy was working another incident when they observed a vehicle driving westbound
with a flat tire. The deputy approached the driver after he exited the vehicle. The man
then started to run from the scene and was apprehended after a brief foot pursuit.

The man, Fredy Ramirez-Gonzalez, 23, of Sterling was charged with DWI,
Obstruction of Justice, and Driving without a License.

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