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October 18, 2006

A note of testimony from a lady busdriver who worked in the rain over at Sully Elementary school to BUILD a science-oriented park. She writes an exciting report and pleads for help in this challenge.

Note from Lady Busdriver:

The coffee was hot, (thanks to Starbucks who is providing 200 cups a day), the hot chocolate weak-(so I was told-will be better today!) and the cookies were delicious and hot out of the oven. We started off the day with a bit of drizzle, but by 9am the rain started to pour and even the pockets of my rain coat were filled with water.

We plugged along, minus scores of volunteers that we desperately need. Michael Cohen our Leather's project manager told us we were in trouble. We do not have the volunteers we need, and if this continues we will have to cut components of the park. WE CAN'T let that happen. We need you there to help us build it.

Our spirits were kept high, by the many companies who continue to send their employees. GreenVest sent some wonderful hard workers who were real troupers setting those supporting beams in the mud and pouring rain. Virginia Paving, Shirley, Tart Lumber, R.B. Hinkle employees came again to help. We had Jan Boothby and others from the Loudoun County Family Services. Both the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue and the Sterling Volunteer Fire Department sent crews out to help us. And we had Sterling Rescue there as our on site first aid-but he could not stand to just sit and watch and also helped us build.

The Gazebo is taking shape, the supports to the swings are in their holes, several people have tested out our musical instruments and everyone is getting excited to see the park start to come together.

Around lunch time we got a freezer truck filled with frozen Chocolate white chip macadamia nut cookies, peanut butter cookies and frozen rolls from Vie De France. It was quite interesting trying to unload it being soaking wet. Think of that old story about licking a frozen pole and having your tongue stick. My boots, hands and clothes were soaking wet, everything I touched I got stuck too and entering into the truck was like going into the Twighlight Zone-nothing but fog. The driver helped us unload and the first batch of hot cookies made it all worthwhile.

A few of us took some unexpected breaks by sitting in the mud when we either slid or got our feet stuck. By the end of the day, I had lost a boot to mud that was acting like quick sand and had mud covering my front and back. Boot was recovered!

The afternoon found us laughing and smiling and really having fun. The camaraderie was incredible. The determination of a few was making it happen and we all were committed to make this happen. We kept to do this for the kids.

Please join us. Don't worry about signing up or calling, just show up. Come to the back of the school-park on the left side, we have signs up showing you where to go. You won't regret this incredible experience!

Thanks to Joe's Pizza for a lunch of hot pizza and buffalo wings and Tortilla factory for a delicious dinner!

End of Statement from the Discovery Park representatives.

Where's Sully Elementary School you ask? Right next to the old Water Tower. Drive down Sterling Boulevard to Holly Avenue. Turn east towards Herndon and drive to the circle next to the water tower next to the Church of Later Day Saints. Behind that school history is waiting for you. You won't see another opportunity like this for a while.

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