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Fear Not, Stand United

September 13, 2003

I will be at Jimmy G's Restaurant this morning, at 10 a.m. Saturday, September 13. The past few Saturdays have been very successful.

It is quite all right to come by and take on a task. Many good people are doing that. (Larry, Margi,Jennelle, Tom and Frank)

Jimmy G's is located near Route 7 opposite the Burlington Coat Factory under the world famous Clock Tower built brick by brick by a humble man named Andrew who volunteers with Eugene today.

Andrew is joined by others who know about building Sterling.

911 Past Remembered

I am writing after 9-11. I wrote earlier and appreciate the feedback from some of you as we all observed this special day.Thank you very much.


Americans were hit hard. But we got back up and are fighting back. We will not let fear of the unknown slow us down for a minute.

Right now here in Sterling we have some problems. And I have been working on them. A lot of routine problems get solved without fanfare.

In response to crime, and other unfortunate incidents, some local opportunists (including my opponent) are running around with printed flyers, mailings, and holding news conferences right on our streets and spreading disinformation, insults to our friends, family and our community.

All Sterling Americans must rise to the attacks with dignity and not cave in to the underhanded and false fears presented by these opportunists. It only plays into the hands of weak minded liberals who use scare tactics and helps those who wish to tear down Sterling, like the Western Loudoun gentry and the Leesburg establishment.

Thank you to the teachers, deputies, other county employees and to all Sterling citizens who must work or live under this latest campaign of insulting attacks by misguided fear mongers and blanket mud slinging against Sterling by people seeking votes at all costs.

$90 Million for Route 28

The Board meets on Monday, September 15 and will consider the approval of documents permitting the issuance of $90 Million Transportation revenue Bonds to back up the improvements of Route 28. These are "moral obligation" bonds which make it possible for the Route 28 Tax District to finance the six interchanges without using general tax revenue. The entire project will be paid for with monies from companies in the tax district.

Stop Sign for Forest Ridge

I placed on the agenda and hopefully the board will act quickly on the placement of a stop sign at Silverleaf Drive and Tamarack Lane. An accident that occured there seems to show a safety problem that needs attention. So, I am giving it attention.

Tell Me, Phone Me or Write

I have been to many football games as the season progresses and parents have a lot to be proud of as their teams get into the swing of things. A lot of work gets done too, as you and others keep me informed of things that I need to do. The Back To School nights have been productive as I see many of you again to tell me of progress or new projects for me. "Thank you for being available to me and taking care of that problem", one man said.

How To Save 4 Billion Dollars

I thought you would like to read this article by Tom Hirst, chairman of the Rapid Transit Action Committee of which I am an advisor.

Essentially, Tom shows how a huge project like Dulles Rail -- $4 billion -- poses serious risks to the economy of Loudoun and Fairfax counties and is not needed when a low-cost solution like bus rapid transit is available. (website promoting bus rapid transit)

Saturday's Family BBQ was the biggest one ever!

Over 273 people attended Saturday's Family BBQ kicking off the Dick Black for Delegate campaign. Bill and Jeannie Soltesz did an amazing job in hosting the event. The BBQ drew Lt. Governor candidate, Bill Bolling, and Attorney General candidate, Bob McDonnell, along with numerous local candidates. Photos of the event are on

VDOT Progress

The latest traffic construction updates have been posted at

Reporter Gets Answers

A reporter asked me What specifically would you change about the county's new building restrictions?

I answered: Remove the board of supervisors' policy to triple the cost of school constuction by banning schools and ball fields on land that could theoretically flood once every 100 years, making it harder to give our children the new schools and fields they deserve.

Reverse the destruction caused by the current plan to existing growing companies. Affirm state laws protecting commercial development in the Route 28 Tax District, and end business flight.

End so-called "smart growth" Density Packing to force 30,000 new residents into the Sterling community and balance growth. End "Purchase of Development (PDR) giveaways" to wealthy landowners.


Crime Solvers is assisting Loudoun County Sheriff Steve Simpson's Investigators in the investigation of a residential burglary in Sterling Park.

In the daytime hours of June 18, 2003 between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM unknown subject(s) entered a residence in the 500 block of Alder Avenue though a rear ground level window. Inside the subject(s) removed a significant amount of jewelry valued at over $27,000.

Crime Solvers will pay a cash reward of up to $1,000 for the information that leads to the subjects' arrest and indictment. Anyone with information about the identity of these subjects is asked to call Loudoun County Crime Solvers at 703-777-1919 or 1-877-777-1931.

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