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September 6, 2003

I have re-vamped the software and hardware thanks to a generous donor. Please be patient as I work out some of the routine mistakes, which are more frequent due to the speed of this new model.

I remember.

I remember September 11, 2001. Take a moment and remember those who were taken from us in New York, in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.

I remember that troops from Sterling are overseas longer than normal in a conflict that tests America's resolve.

I remember there are people who are aiding these murderous enemies of the United States all over the world and in this country.

We, the living, must deal with them before they kill more Americans.

I remember that honest government leaders elected freely with the support of informed voters is a good defense against tyranny.

We must work to stay committed and involved in elections.

I remember that there are heros in America who serve in public life. They are average people with tough challenges.

Deputies, firemen, rescue volunteers, hospital workers, religious leaders, members of the Armed Forces from Sterling and the USA, even utility workers and mail men. All have been on the line over the last few years.

The heros of 9-11-01 include a cross section of nationalities and job descriptions. Firemen, mothers and fathers trapped in the World Trade Center, passengers who cried "lets roll" to stop a hi-jacked plane prevented from crashing into the White House, devoted Pentagon patriots and many more. All deserve proper memorials and for those who knowingly risked their lives, recognition.

All deserve to be remembered.

Churches and traditional houses of worship are where we flocked and asked for help from God.

That is the place all week for those who wish to remember. Take time to be with someone this Thursday 9-11-03 to mark the day.

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 9th 6:00 p.m.: EAT AT JIMMY G THEN WALK

Delegate Tom Rust and your Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio need help going door to to door on Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. I will buy you a sandwich ( no onions!) if you can join us for an hour. Thank you to the wonderful help to those who came last Tuesday! Meet us at Jimmy G's restaurant under the clock tower opposite the Burlington coat Factory.

Adopt a Dog

A friendly and healthy large dog has been found and cared for by Karen Page. Please call her if you lost a dog or if you can adopt a nice dog. She has consulted dog enthusiasts and can not afford to keep the dog and wants to find new owners. She has called the "pound" and no one has called for the large dog she is caring for. Karen's phone number is 703-450-4858.

How's The Family?

I did ask Karen about her family. She says things are going well and that they are adjusting and that God is providing. Remember her and the children and the late A. Tim Page, her late husband, in your prayers.

Tim passed away 15 months ago. Last night my youngest son asked me to help him light a candle at church in memory of Tim. We did so and both of us knelt together and said some prayers. Tim served ably as Sterling's Planning Commissioner. I marked his passing in my acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. We all miss him. Please remember Tim in your prayers and by donating to:

The Tim Page Children Memorial Fund c/o Chantilly Bible Church 4390 Pleasant Valley Road Chantilly, Va. 20151 Thank you.

Deadline Past, GOOD NEWS

Thank you to all of you who came forward with money to my campaign re-election in the closing days of the August 30 filing deadline. Treasurer Margi Wallo is working night and day to deposit and prepare a report due September 15. You have done your best and I appreciate it.

Deadline Past, BAD NEWS

My opponent held a GIANT fund raiser Friday night, after the deadline, in Dupont Circle to get Washington Money from liberal Pacs and radical leftist treasuries. I will not underestimate the amount of money liberals will donate to spread lies and disinformation to Sterling residents. These weird wonks, and my strange opponent, want tax rates of 60 per cent, like France, in order to fund all their "needed" projects (albino frogs, dark skys, foot free open space, car-less roads, gardens atop roof-tops, mandatory mass transit, density packing of high rises in Eastern Loudoun,etc.) .


Loudoun County's "smart growth" zealots hail the "six pound" weight difference between country bumpkins and their "smart growth" prisoners trapped in New York City high rises. They claim you are healthier with "smart growth" (high rises). I am quoted in a front page newspaper interview "The weight difference is the loss of brains". Being from New York, I know about high rises.

That's what Sterling, Va. faces. A large collection of high density buildings if this crowd stays in power.

So dig deep and donate if you have not donated. Donate again if you already donated. Thank you.

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