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Missing Teenager's Photo

August 16, 2003

Investigators Search for Missing Sterling Teenager

This just in. In four years of sending out these messages, some of you have been very helpful in keeping an eye out for urgent matters. Many missing teenagers turn up after a day or two. Its been longer this time.

Missing Teen's Photo Attached

Jessica Eagle

Jessica Eagle

Today I have sent a photograph of a missing juvenile. I have not done that on the internet. So please forgive the extra couple of KBs this morning. If the juvenile can be found quickly it will be worthwhile. I hope you can read the photograph.

A missing Sterling juvenile who voluntarily left her residence several weeks ago still has not returned and Sheriff's Investigators are asking Sterling's assistance in bringing her home.

Sheriff Simpson tells me: 16-year-old Jessica Eagle left her home on North Cottage Road on July 23rd and has been seen in the Sugarland Run area by friends in recent days.

Jessica is described as being 5'4" in height and weighing 150 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes and is further described as having a tattoo on her left arm.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jessica you are asked to immediately contact the Loudoun County Sheriff Steve Simpson at 703-777-1021. Thank you for anything you can do.


I have been presenting the 2003 Sterling American Awards for Public Service since last Saturday and the reaction is heartwarming.

Yes, this morning (Saturday, August 16), I will present some more Awards to hard-working community leaders at Jimmy G's restaurant at 10 A.M.

Afterwards, I need some help going to meet Sterling citizens and if you can join me, that would be fine. Or you could link up with some of the 2003 Sterling American Award recipients as they continue with their award winning duties.

This is a good way to stay physically fit, if I can keep up with you!

Real Estate Property Tax Limitation Pledge

I have taken the written pledge to keep taxes down. My opponent has not. Now it is posted at

Computer Difficulties

We started the week with computer viruses and ended the week with no electric power in the Northeast. I got power, but did have some computer difficulties.

Resend Your Request

If you sent me an e-mail requesting action on something in the last 3 to 4 weeks, please resend it. That is the safest thing to do with any requests. Thank you.

Virus Information

As you may have heard on the news, Internet users around the world are experiencing problems with their computers shutting down abruptly. This is the result of a new fast spreading Internet virus called "MSBlast" that's affecting any PC using a Microsoft Windows operating system. It is the result of the worm infecting Microsoft Windows which then causes your computer to shut down.

If your computer has not been infected, you should go to one of the web sites shown below to update your anti-virus software or install a patch available from Microsoft to prevent infection.

Here is a Microsoft bulletin regarding this vulnerability:

Happy Thoughts, New Adversity, too.

Thank you very much to those of you who have been sending money. I believe we are making a dent in the advantage my opponent has.

Unfortunately, I had to upgrade the computer systems due to the world wide computer problems. And now the Loudoun County news media is fawning over and heavily promoting my opponent. These new problems can be solved through my own renewed effort and with your help too. Your effort and your money. Thank you.

P.O. Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167 Today. Thanks.

Donations OVER $100 must be reported. No limit on donation size, corporate checks welcome.

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