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Free Burritos in Ashburn

September 19, 2006

I have been seeing many of you at Back to School nights. I was at Park
View H.S. and Forest Grove and Sully E. schools last week.

Glad to see you. I am sorry if I missed you.

I will be outside Rolling Ridge Elementary School Tuesday night at 6:30
p.m. I hope to see you there if you are coming.


A representative of Washington Gas will be at the Board meeting Tuesday
to report on the Gas incident last week. As I requested and in response
to other discussion, county staff looked at expenses associated with
this incident, and followed state reporting standards for food, fuel,
Supplies (batteries, metering equipment), and Personnel overtime for a
total of $6,848.08. I am asking discussions about this to take place
between staff and Washington Gas in the future.


I have called to verify this tonight. It has been confirmed.

The new Ashburn California Tortilla in the Brambleton Town Center,
located at 42385 Ryan Road, is giving away a Free Specialty Burrito and
Soda to everyone at our Grand Opening this Thursday, September 21st,
between 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm! Try the Blackened Chicken Caesar Burrito,
the Crunchy BBQ Ranch or the Honey Lime -- or try any of them. They're
all FREE! (Please arrive no later than 1:30pm for the lunch shift and
7:30pm for the dinner shift.)

And if that's not enough, the first 10 people in line at 11am on
Thursday get a free burrito every week for a year at the Ashburn
California Tortilla and the next 20 get a free burrito every week for a

But wait there's more. I have been told tonight that they are doing it
every day until Thursday. They did it today. They will have free
burritos Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday at lunch and dinner time. Call
them at 703-542-8822. Tell them Supervisor Delgaudio sent you.There is
too a free lunch and dinner.

>>>Up on the Roof.
>>>Principal to Spend Night on Roof

As you all have been told, Discovery Park is a community project to
build an educational playscape behind Sully Elementary School with both
traditional playground elements to foster physical activity as well as
educational components covering history, science, music and math and
more. The playground will be available to all members of the community.
$237,000 has been raised. Last week one non-Loudoun County tax source
came through with a grant to bring the total raised to $237,000.

Discovery Park will need lots of volunteers-- 750--- to help build it
during the week of October 16.

Principal Clark Bowers has agreed to spend the night on the roof of the
school if 750 volunteers are signed up by the end of the Parent vs
Teachers soccer game to take place on October 4th at 6:30pm.

Put Dr Bowers on the roof! If you have not already signed up to help
build Discovery Park, you can do so at

You do not have to be part of the school to do this. Anyone receiving
this email can volunteer time. You will be fed and you definitely want
to be part of this gigantic event. It is the biggest event in Sterling
history since the Junior Chamber of Commerce built Briar Patch park's


Bottom Dollar supermarket sent you a five dollar off coupon in the mail
to visit them..... The Sterling Volunteer Fire Company sent out their
red ink envelopes this week. Donations can be sent to SVFD 104 Commerce
Street, Sterling Va. 20164....Sterling Foundation is doing a garbage
pick up along the Sterling Blvd. starting at 9 a.m. this Saturday

>>Republicans Asked to Help With Phone Calls

The GOP needs your help this weekend. Please give any time you can.
The GOP needs to identify as many people as possible this Saturday.
Please come by for a few hours or all day. The phone banking will help
us identify voters as well as gain potential volunteers.

WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd
9AM - 5PM

Please email Suzanne Volpe at or call her at
703-406-6147 to sign up for a time slot.

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