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September 2, 2006

Sterling Park and the immediate area has been smelling numerous gas leaks.

You all have been hearing sirens all day and may keep hearing them as
leaks are investigated by the Sterling Volunteer Fire Department.

An emergency command post to track the problem has been set up nearby.

We are getting help from many surrounding jurisdictions. Keep this in
mind while driving around. Help them find addresses if you can. Thank you.

If you smell gas, get out of the house. If your neighbor is not home,
please see if you smell anything at his house as a safety precaution.

Call your neighbors who are not on this distribution list. Call
neighbors just to make sure they know.

Please do not light candles tonight in Sterling.

Keep a "nose" out until this is solved.

Washington Gas and other gas companies are also out in force.

If I get more information, I will alert you.

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