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July 12, 2003

Yes, I am still on for coffee and bagels on Saturday, July 12 at 10 a.m. at jimmy Gs under the clocktower.

Here' s correction on url. Sorry about misprint.

(pictures of me beginning to help build the overpass at Church Road and Route 28, just posted)

Here are some other urls on transportation:

Pictures of other dignataries working with me.

More photos of team members working on church road.

THIS site tells you about road building projects elsewhere in Loudoun and the region.

Another correction.

The snow event is $35 per family.

Congressman Wolf Gets Money for Loudoun

Rep. Wolf wrote me tonight with news that he has gotten money for Loudoun, contrary to what is said in Leesburg attacking Congress for not helping Loudoun.

A House spending panel today set aside $1 million to install a new landing system at the Leesburg Executive Airport. Wolf also told me that the measure includes $6 million for the expansion of Battlefield Parkway in Leesburg.



" County off hook for fireworks cost"

The Loudoun County government, which had agreed to pay $15,000 for fireworks at a July 5 "Liberty Festival" at Dulles Town Center, will get to keep its money.

Despite an offer from the Board of Supervisors initiated last year by Chairman Scott K. York (I-At Large) to pay $15,000 for the fireworks display, the Lerner Group, which manages the Dulles Town Center property, has agreed to foot the bill on its own.

According to county officials, Lerner officials were concerned that political candidates would try to use the event as a campaign platform. Lerner does not allow solicitation on Mall property............

According to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling), who had questioned the county expernditure, Lerner decided not to accept Loudoun County's money after Delgaudio asked if he and other public officials running for reelection would be introduced during the ceremony.

"They want to make it an official ceremony for Scott York," Delgaudio said. "That's what it's all about."

"I wanted to know if I would be introduced as a Supervisor," Delgaudio said. "It wasn't a campaign plan, it was a request to clarify how public officials who are candidates will be introduced."

Delgaudio said last week that the county is supporting events aimed primarily at assisting incumbents.

He said Lerner made it clear he would not be allowed to approach constituents during the event, and made him feel that he could not wear his trademark blaze orange cap on mall property. As long as Lerner was taking money from the county for the event, rules restricting free speech were unfair, Delgaudio said.

"They wanted to have a private event with public money, and I wasn't going to stand for it," Delgaudio said. "I'll take my bright orange hat off to get back $15,000 of taxpayer money any day of the week."

A Lerner spokesman said the company would not comment.........."

REGISTER VOTE on $2 Fare To $3 Fare

Delegate Tom Rust (R- Herndon and Sterling) wants me to tell you the State Corporation Commission (SCC) is seeking input regarding proposed revisions to the tolling structure on the Dulles Greenway. The Greenway is a private road built by a group of investors. The company has proposed an increase in the tolls it is permitted to charge from $2 to $3.

You can see the news release explaining the proposed toll increse by going to this link:

If you want to make comments about this proposal, please go to this link: The case number is PUE-2003-00230. Comments must be submitted by August 11, 2003.

Headline in the Leesburg Today Newspaper:


("Liberal" -- Eugene Note) Loudoun County Planning Commissioner Jane Kirchner (Sugarland Run) wants more light shed on plans underway for a countywide "dark sky" ordinance. She has formally objected to fellow ("Liberal"- Eugene note) Commissioner David Whitmer's (Broad Run) ad-hoc lighting ordinance committee, saying it's "insiders only members, secret and closed-door proceedings." "That's nonsense," retorted Whitmer Tuesday. "Jane had assembled a similar group last year. That group came together a few times. This group is doing that as well. It's a very diverse group. There are two people from the Dark Sky Association who represent lighting interests, and two commissioners on there. We've only had one meeting. There's no secret here." Whitmer said his supervisor, Chuck Harris (D-Broad Run), asked him to get a group together to gather more information. "It's a very informal group to collect information," Whitmer said, adding he's in favor of "reasonable lighting standards."............. Whitmer said the group is looking at ideas for an ordinance. "What we're trying to do is feasibility, to see if this is even possible." ......... Whitmer said his committee has seven members: himself and Planning Commission Chairman George Kirschenbauer (Mercer), a lighting engineer, a member of NVBIA, a member of NAIOP, and two members of the Dark Sky Association. Kirchner is a strong advocate of adopting a local zoning law that would limit the use of outdoor lighting. She caused a firestorm last summer with she proposed the board of supervisors consider adopting a model ordinance, which critics believed would restrict Christmas lighting and impose unneeded regulations. That proposal was dropped, although supervisors agreed to consider lighting regulations later.
Supervisor Bogard and other Supervisors said there was no work going on with lighting. I guess I was right to bring it up at a board of supervisors meeting afterall. The truth again shows I am on the mark about this crowd secretly preparing the lighting ordinances.

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