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August 1, 2006

>>>>Teenagers Tied to Series of Drive-By Shootings

Two Sterling juveniles were arrested early Tuesday morning in connection
with a series of drive-by shootings in Sterling Park twelve days ago.

The teens, both 16-year-old males, allegedly shot at five homes on July
19th striking one man who was sleeping in the bedroom of his home on
Coventry Square. According to information obtained through the course
of the investigation it is believed the shootings were in retaliation
because the two teen suspects had been kicked out of a local gang.

The first reported shooting was called into the Sheriff's Office
around 1:15 AM on Coventry Square. The victim in that attack remains
hospitalized today in critical but stable condition at Washington
Hospital Center. The two other homes struck on Coventry Square do not
appear to have been targeted and were apparently hit by stray bullets.
The Sheriff's Office then received calls at 1:28 AM and 1:31 AM for
reports of gunfire on Aster Terrace and North Argonne Avenue. Around 2
AM a resident on Holborn Court called authorities after they discovered
a possible bullet hole inside their home. The actual shooting is
believed to have occurred around 1 AM. Residents of a home on Margate
Court would call 911 around 6 AM after they too discovered a bullet hole
inside of the house. The actual shooting at that home is believed to
have occurred shortly after 1 AM.

Both weapons allegedly used in the shootings have been recovered. The
weapons were stolen from a residence in the 200 block of Cameron Court
in Sterling. The burglary was reported to the Sheriff's Office on July
15th by a neighbor who was watching over the home for a vacationing
family. The family returned from vacation and reported to the
Sheriff's on Monday that items including two firearms had been
taken from the home.

The two teens have also been tied to the theft of a 1997 Toyota Corolla
that was recovered in the 46530 block of Harry Byrd Highway. The vehicle
had been set ablaze. The car was stolen from the 1000 block of North
Amelia Street and had last been seen at 10 PM July 18th.

The two teens have been charged with malicious wounding, five counts of
missile into an occupied dwelling, five counts of reckless use of
firearm, one count of use of a firearm during the commission of a
felony, burglary, auto theft and arson.

The teens are currently being held at the Loudoun Juvenile Detention


I join all of Sterling citizens and the citizens of Loudoun county in
thanking the Sherriff, his staff, and the Sheriff's Office would like to
thank the members of Congressman Frank Wolf's Regional Gang Task Force
and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) who assisted in the

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